The Walking Dead Is Still Happening

 I stopped really watching this show about a season ago. (I get it they kill zombies, do we need three seasons of that bit?) Now I tune in because I'm doing something else and I can ignore it. Apparently you tune into watch the various ways the undead can be made real dead. Forget plot or character development or narrative or sentences or words and stuff you want zombie killing.  

The prison has become its own first person shooter. Rick, ease up buddy, you've got zombie on you. There were so many possibilities but this show has always been about what it could be rather than what it is. It's the Darko Milicic of TV. Reset the thing in Detroit and it will LITERALLY be Darko Milicic.

Now the deadheads are excited because the governor and Rick are about to square off  over Michone and the future of the prison posse. My question is, are there any characters worth investing in anymore? Rick? No thanks, dude has worn out his welcome. Michonne? Ok, great tease after season two, but what has she brought to the table, a sword and a scowl. Just hire Michelle Rodriguez and don't even tell her she's doing a TV show and you'll get as much bang for your buck. Carl? That kid has gotten dark. If this is what it's like in post-apocalyptic Earth, never trust a tweener again. I thought Hershel was dead 7 episodes ago. I'm still not convinced he's alive.

Daryl? Ok, nevermind, I like Daryl. May or may not have a crush on him. Just saying.

Prediction for the season finale: Andrea is a gonner. Clean up that resume, you'll need to find a new show come the fall. Also, if they kill off Carl how gutsy is that? Carl is fast becoming a psychopath. Perhaps it's best if we put him down. They'll be a cryptic gun fight in smoke. Rick will do the "right thing" and in doing so make a speech about it with his teeth gritted. He may even go full uni for this one. The governor has some horrible thing happen to him, like having is character re-upped for season four. Glenn becomes a man. Merle becomes emasculated. The credits roll as some army of zombies descend on the group and everyone will high-five and talk about how awesome season four is gonna be.

Mad Men come back soon.  

Posted on March 12, 2013 .