Here Comes the SEC Network

Soon we'll all have networks. Get ready for surebud TV...mostly videos of us watching FX and AMC shows with the occasional pizza run. The SEC network plans its launch in April.

Why April? Let's ask Mike Slive, commissioner of the football death star. “Our focus for now is on our tournament and the NCAA tournament,” Slive said. “We will make a formal announcement about the SEC Network in mid-April.” Good one Mike, are they even letting SEC teams in the tournament. I thought they'd pass since Kentucky lost Noel.  

At this point the league may be pushing out the eastern European block in terms of GDP. Last year the conference distributed a record 241.5 million to its members. Adding two more schools and another National Title can't hurt.

The Network should run a reality series on Alabama fans, think Buck Wild but less classy.  

Posted on March 15, 2013 .