Round 3

Round 3 (Saturday) 

First of all, I do not understand why they call it round three and four. Saturday and Sunday should be lumped together as round 2, and round 1 should be Thursday and Friday, but I digress. 

Your bracket may be busted, but here are some fun match-ups to watch: 

Harvard is the lowest seed to play in the third round, and they looked good against New Mexico. Here is a thought though, New Mexico is the anti-Oregon, they were seeded too hi. You could have probably switched them and no one would have been mad. Harvard will have a tough game against Arizona, but look for them to pull out a huge win. 

Gonzaga?! Even if you had them winning the whole thing, you know you were rooting for Southern to upset the Bulldogs. I love this picture of Stockton, insert your caption on what is going thru his mind. They will play Wichita State, and it is hard to think the Shockers will have a lot of trouble with Gonzaga

California vs Syracuse will be a good match-up, but I am not sure Cal can finish the stretch with the Orange. They more than doubled up Montana's score and did not let off the gas until the game was over.

Look for St. Louis to go further then expected and for the VCU/Michigan to be one of the best of the day.