NCAA Tournament First Weekend Review

What we Learned.png

Lessons Learned:

1. The Big 10 is really good.

Michigan State, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio State all made pretty big statements this weekend. All four teams are playing some of their best basketball now and they are going to be tough to stop.

2. Upsets?

Do you think we could stop using this word. College Basketball has destroyed this word. Saturday night, the announcers for the Syracuse vs. Wichita State game kept saying that the Shockers were mounting a huge upset and that they were shocking the nation. Did these announcers not see the Bulldogs struggle against Southern? Did they not watch Gonzaga all season? Were the good, yes? Did they struggle at times and not playing superior talent weekly, yes? Saying this is an upset is not giving Wichita State any credit. They are a great team, and just because the selection committee doesn't know how to seed week we shouldn't take anything away from them. Florida Gulf Coast; were those upsets? I said earlier that a high seed team I would be scared of would be Georgetown. Here is their history - In the past five years, the furthest they have made it is the 3rd round, so they have struggled, one year not even making the tourney. FGCU also beat Miami in the regular season, and I know they were without one of their stars, but still beat them by 12 points. Are we at the point now where upsets should be reserved for the big time, unexpected wins. If you saw OU and SDSU play on Friday, you would have picked Florida GC to win on Sunday. Let's start giving them some credit. And you know what, if they lose to Florida, don't start saying, "See, I told you so, they were a flash in the pan", because that's not true, look what they did this weekend.

3. Big 12 = Big dud

Yes I said it. I am the biggest Big 12 fan, but other than Iowa State and Kansas, they did not show up, and I would not be giving a lot of credit to Kansas just yet. OSU looked like they should not have been in the tourney. OU struggled and the game went to whoever sucked the least. Kansas State was slow from the beginning and never could pull anything out. Kansas struggled with Western Kentucky and in the first half to UNC. Iowa State was my horse and they should have beat OSU, but a couple of bad calls and Craft nails a 3 at the buzzer. Not a good outing for the Big 12.

4. Oregon is good.

It was a disservice to them and the teams they played to seed them as a 12. They outmatched and out coached Oklahoma State from the tip off, and St. Louis never stood a chance. St. Louis was everyone's dark horse, and they looked like a middle school team playing the Ducks. I think we need to give them the credit they deserve and start expecting them to play well. They are not a 12 seed, so don't expect a 12 seed product.

5. Let's not overlook …

La Salle beat a good Kansas State team and a hot Ole Miss team. They outplayed both and made shots when it counted the most. They are flying under the radar now, which I am sure is how they like it.

6. Bold Predictions

La Salle and FCGU will show up next week to play. I think if La Salle can shut Van Fleet and Baker down, they could come out with a win. Wichita State comes of a great win and will be ready to play. But La Salle has been doing everything right. The Eagles, well, they are good. And if Comer and Thompson play like they did this weekend, Florida is going to struggle. I also think Oregon will beat Louisville. (but don't take my word, my bracket looks like Miley Cyrus after a drunk tattoo parlor visit)