And So it Begins


Tonight the Astros will open their season in a new league, with new players and new uniforms.  Regardless how you feel about the team in the past, there are actually reasons that watching the game tonight might be better than staring at the sun for entertainment. 

Jose Altuve

Undersized body with an oversized will and heart.  Altuve is the closest thing to Craig Biggio since … well … Craig Biggio.  He plays hard every play.  He is the type of player that I would be if I was a good athelete and not lazy.

The DH

The Astros are moving to the American League this year which means 2 things.

1.       The competition just got a lot better, which isn't great for the Astros because they were the worst team in the National league last year.

2.       The American league uses the designated hitter rule.

I have had several conversations with people over the last year about how the DH is the worst thing in the world and that it is killing the integrity of baseball.  As a general rule I believe that you shouldn’t be allowed to make this argument unless you watched American League games before the DH was put into place and now find the league unbearable.  Since the American League started using the DH in 1973 I would say you have to be over the age of 45 to make this argument.  That allows that you started watching baseball at the age of 4 and that you had strong opinions at that early of an age.  Also, I believe another stipulation to qualify a person to make this argument is that you yourself must have integrity.  You shouldn’t be allowed to comment on the integrity of baseball unless your own integrity is accounted for.

I like the DH because it means that every ninth at bat isn't a formality anymore.  We don’t have to watch belly itchers (the Astros don’t have any real pitchers this year) walk to home plate and hack at fastballs only to serve as an automatic out.  Astros games just got 11% more fun.

You can see it

One of the biggest reasons to watch tonight’s game is that it is on ESPN.  That means you will be able to watch it.  The majority of the remaining 161 games will be on a network called CSN Houston.  Which I’ve heard does a great job at covering the Rockets and Astros.  However I, like the majority of Houston, have been unable to watch it because I don’t subscribe to Comcast as a cable service.  If you have read anything about the negotiations between CSN Houston and the other major cable providers (Direct TV, Dish Network and AT&T Uverse) in Houston then you know nothing new has happened to ensure that Houstonians will see the Astros play this year, so enjoy tonight.

Posted on March 31, 2013 .