BBC TV Is For Me


There are a lot of things in my life I can explain. College sports, my love for Chinese food, my dislike for Toby Keith and Nickelback, Boulevard, and much more. Then there are things in my life that I can't explain. What my wife sees in me, 2 Broke Girls, WNBA, and my love for Europe (mainly the UK). I love those bloody countries so much and I don't know why. Last year I was able to go to Scotland for a week and that officially won me over. There is so much about that area that I love, but that is not what this post is about.

Over the past year, I have developed this habit that I can't fall asleep right when I get in bed. In fact, I can't fall asleep unless I am watching a show. Usually my mind is racing so much, that the only way to sleep is to turn it off by watching something. The trick is, I have to pick something my wife won't want to watch with me, enter BBC TV.


My first time (yes, I refer to watching this in 'those' terms) was Luther. I loved Idris Elba and I wanted to see what this show was like. I was hooked within the first 10 minutes and I think I watched the entire show in a week. The writing is amazing, the characters are deep, and the scenery is breath taking. And the same thing goes with Wallander, Sherlock, Dr. Who, Downton Abbey, Robin Hood, and much more. Here are some of the reasons I think BBC TV is better than over here.

1. The LOST Office Syndrome


I remember years ago, when Monday would roll around, I would start to get giddy because I know The Office was only a few days away, and I could not wait to watch it. I would count down the days, and then be sad when the final credits would roll, knowing I had to wait an entire week. Jump to now, I can't remember the time I either laughed during an episode, or actually watched it. Jill, a friend of mine, says the show jumped the shark when Prison Mike was introduced. Though I may not agree with that, it is close. When Michael and Jan started having their story, it started losing their luster. And LOST, well, you know where I am going with that. The first 2, maybe 3 seasons were awesome. Then they started throwing in unexplainable time travel and black smoke and it got weird, and it got long, and I lost interest. For some reason, we think we have to keep shows going for a long time. I can see the exec's, "Just throw any crap in front of them, they will like it." Most, (I say most because a few BBC shows are longer seasons), but most shows on the BBC are 2-3 seasons, and leave you wanting more. They don't add a lot of fluff, or story lines you don't really care about. They have a story, want to tell it, and then cut it off. They know when to end it and leave you wanting more.

2. Accents

I am a sucker for their accents. Is this a lame reason, Yes. Is it one I seriously consider, Yes. I feel like they sound so sophisticated and smart. On Sherlock the other night, some Americans were briefly introduced. I found myself for a second not being able to understand what they were saying and thinking they sounded inferior.

3. Length

A lot of their shows are a full 60 minutes, to a full 120 minutes. They cram a lot of stuff into their shows, and it feels like you are watching a movie. You are so intrigued the whole time, that you don't care about the length, and when it ends, you want more.

4. Characters

USA network does this a lot with their characters welcome campaign, but BBC is great at it. I feel like their shows really highlight one or two characters and stick with them. They introduce some minor people, but really focus on the main ones. I feel like a lot of shows over here (Heroes, Friday Night Lights, LOST, Grey's Anatomy) have so many characters, that at times, you forget some of the main players, because they don't show them for 2 or 3 episodes.

All this to say if you have not watched any shows on BBC, you are missing out. Start with Luther, then move to Sherlock and go from there. Now America is the far superior country and when the rubber meets the road, I will dress in my USA onesie and sing Springsteen till I am blue in the face. But if I am lying in bed, looking for something to watch, I am Netflixing some BBC shows that I have not seen yet.

Posted on March 7, 2013 .