*Updated: Oregon State: New Beaver, New Unis

Oregon State is trying to keep up with the Ducks. In that vain, they've allowed themselves to be a pawn in the dreaded NIKE UNIFORM COMBINATION GAME! They also have a brand new Beaver mascot logo that, after a moment, does in fact look like a Beaver. An angry Beaver dead set on destruction and doom. For comparison sake we have the two side by side.

Old and used.

Old and used.

New an improved.

New an improved.

Does anyone stand like this? Ever?

Does anyone stand like this? Ever?


Terrified? Me to. If I'm on the Beavers schedule next fall I'm looking to pay the buy-out and schedule someone else.

Athletic Director Bob De Carolis sayeth “The ultimate goal for the rebrand is to attract high-caliber student-athletes to a contemporary brand, while respecting our heritage.” You know Bob you've nailed it. If I were a high caliber student athlete I'd be attracted to your contemporary brand, AND I would totes respect your heritage. #truth

The press release says...The logo accurately reflects the essence of Oregon State Athletics – Heritage, Strength, Victory, United, Innovation, Tenacity, Dedication and Integrity.  

Now we're reaching. The logo reflects and angry buck toothed mammal who is somehow orange.  

Now as to the uniforms themselves, I have to say not bad. I can almost forgive the facemask stripping, but other than that, not too bad. I like the sleeves and stripes on the pants.

Can we ease up on the matte finished helmets please. Not for everyday use, just special occasions.

The white helmet is nice right up until we have stripe drip on the facemask. This should be there everyday, minus the stripe drip of course.

Apparently the socks say "hip hip hooray"  on them. I can't make this up. Remember the socks boys. When you're down in the dumps and you need a lift, look to the socks.

All in all not the worst thing I've ever seen. I'm looking at you Maryland.  

Your move Oregon. The Beavers are coming at you! 

* On closer inspection it would appear the new an improved Beaver may also contain a subtle homage to Oregon State's cross state rivals. Does the Beav have wings? 

Oregon-State-logo Wing.jpg
Posted on March 5, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.