The Greatest TV Comedy Is Back

See that family, do they make you as happy as they make me. I remember when I first watched this show, I was laughing so hard I wet myself twice and choked on my tears a few times. The writing and acting are far superior to anything on television. When the show was canceled, I was beside myself. I thought of all the crap that was on TV and became sad that America was not smart enough to keep a great show going. Well, no fear my friends, because in May, America's funniest family is back in action. Here is what some of the actor's have said about the upcoming show: 

• Jason Bateman doesn't want fans to call this season four, but it should be referred to as an "act one" that will lead to a feature film. "These are episodes that set that up." However, if the feature film doesn't happen, the new episodes won't leave viewers hanging. "It is certainly a satisfying conclusion to these episodes if for some reason a movie doesn't happen, but they are all meant to work within one another as a hybrid package of Arrested Development stuff," Bateman insisted

 • The show is structured to tell stories from each character's perspective. Meaning, we'll see some scenes more than once, just from a different point of view. "The only way we could get everybody for what we will loosely call an anthology was to dedicate each episode to a character's a point of view," Hurwitz said

• The lockdown on storylines and spoilers was very intentional, so they could reward fans for sticking with the show. "We all started really guarding the material, just to make it fun for the audience," Hurwitz revealed

The show will look different, but the characters won't. We may still get to see Buster struggle with Army, look for a Loose Seal or Lucille, possibly participate in Motherboy, and look for the biggest juice box in the land. Tobias still having the best one-liners on TV; "Let's put a banger in the mouth"/"Even if it means bending over and taking a chubby"/"Come give your Uncle T-bag a hug"/ and so many more. 

And the best news, this final season may lead into a movie. Pinch me, that's right, a movie. Please oh please let the Hollywood star align and let this became a reality. Can you imagine the greatness of this. Will you join me, in line for tickets, with my GOB Segway, George Michael retainer, Lucille's rape whistle ('who'd want to R her') , and Michael's stair car. See ya on the flipside.


Posted on March 11, 2013 .