Mad Men Episode 6:1 The Doorway

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Mad Men is back for season 6 and good grief that was a long premier. There is a reason this show is an hour long and not two. Always leaving them wanting more. Don't leave them drowsy.

Don Draper was back in more ways than one. We've fast forwarded to 1967. The Raiders and Packers are set to play in Super Bowl II. Pete's grown sideburns. There's pot in the office which now has a set of stairs and some guy from accounting is kissing ass. To the highlights:

  • Don and his bride start off in Hawaii. Don loves the sunny places. Remember in season 2 when Don went to LA and got involved with that weird group of rich gypsies and fell in love with that girl who had the odd relationship with her handsy dad? I realize now that when you summarize a show it always sounds like and episode of the Brady Bunch or Knight Rider. Anyway, Don longs for Hawaii. He can even hear the waves from his corner office in Manhattan.
  • At this point we can kill off Betty? That whole story line is an excuse to go the bathroom, make a sandwich, or build a ship in a bottle. Possibly all three at once.
  • Betty dyed her hair black, kind of hotter, not gonna lie.
  • Sally Draper is growing up into the little ball of hate and addiction we knew she'd be.
  • The rape joke was awkward. Like real awkward. Maybe Betty's a psychopath. Anything to pick up that story line.
  • Peggy Olsen is CRUSHING IT! She's a little Don except you know, good at her job and with fewer skeletons in her closet. Well, except that one time at the movie theater and the hole baby deal. Someday Peggy will pass Don over when he tries to apply with her ad firm. Book it.
  • Also, they had headphones in 1967? Who knew?
  • The lighter has some significance. Maybe it's a new way that everyone finds out about Dick Whitman. Maybe it's just more Don torture. Maybe it's a way to light things on fire. Who knows.
  • Joan had three lines in this one. Let's fix that, she's a partner for crying out loud.
  • Don's been having a affair with the girl from Freaks and Geeks this whole time. Weird how her husband skis to his heart surgery appointment. Kind of out of place or symbolic of something my public school education won't let me grasp.
  • Don needs about a decade of therapy.
  • When Freaks and Geeks asks him what he wants for his New Year as they are sacked out together he says "to stop doing this."
  • Don's roller coaster has been on the downward trajectory for about 3 seasons now. Come on Don, you're the Don, have a cocktail and enjoy it.
  • Roger is pure comic relief at this point. Though he loses both his mom and his shoe shine guy in this one. Oddly crying a lot about his shine guy.
  • Also has anyone noticed how modern his office decor is? He's the dinosaur of the agency but everything in his office is egg shaped.
  • This show loves the death imagery. The ad for the hotel in Hawaii was creepy. My first thought was the guy took off his suit and jumped off something. The hotel guys thought the same thing. So did Stan Rizzo.
  • We need more of that guy by the way.

All in all not bad, but too long. Next week we get back to a solid 60 minutes. No one knows what it will be about because the previews might as well have puppies acting out the roles for all the "preview" we get.

Don go live on a beach man, you'll feel better.

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