Madmen Episode 6:2 The Conspirators

Madmen 6:2.png

Mad men episode two of season six rolled off on Sunday night. I'm just gonna say, the show's pacing takes some reacclimating. Last night's episode was no exception. I can't give up on the show at this point, but the scale is tipping away from loving it. Maybe I need to go back and watch the first two seasons to see what was great about it. Then again maybe I don't.

  • Pete Campbell is the Dr. Thunder to Don's Dr. Pepper. No matter how much he tries he'll never be the Don. This episode was a perfect example. Pete's got a swinging bachelor pad right there in Manhattan. When people say the 70's blew up in a room, this is the room they're talking about and it's only 1967.
  • The Pete is about as smooth as 60 grit sandpaper. He offers his hook-up "some peanuts and cheese crackers." Keep showing the ladies a good time Peter you old fox you.
  • It has to be a low point when you're Pete Campbell, you can't go home and you're waiting for the accounting guy to bring you some TP. Well played Pete.
  • Don's tryst with Freaks and Geeks continues. Don goes all Han Solo at the restaurant with her. Don't get lippy with Don. How many times can Freak's husband get called away for a surgery leaving Don the perfect window.
  • Don's new catch phrase should be "order my meal honey."
  • The Tet offensive is going on so we know we're in January of 1968. Yes I looked that up on Wikipedia.
  • I love the flashbacks to Dick Whitman.
  • Uncle Mack has a face that says arrest on sight.
  • Why wasn't this episode called "The Door" since a lot of action occurs at them. (Dick watching through the key hole, Don knocking on Freaks and Geek's door, Pete's girlfriend knocking on his, Don laying down outside his)
  • Peggy is still the best story line on the show. She'll be going head to head with Don on Hines Ketchup. Book it.
  • Where's Joan? APB out on Joan.
  • Pete and the Jaguar dealer try to pull a fast one on the Jaguar brass. Don flexes his muscles on it and stops it. Roger loves it. While we're at it, Where's Roger? APB on Roger.
  • Ironic that after what Joan had to do to the Jaguar guy to make partner, Pete's complaining about Jaguar guy's spit still being in his hair.
  • Harry's sideburns and suit...Wow.
  • No APB on Betty. Let's keep moving forward without her.
Next week on Mad Men...lines are said... at different times.