Make Up Your Mind

Tuesday evening was the best day of my entire life. Why, you ask, because one Marcus Smart decided to forego the NBA and return to Oklahoma State for his sophomore season. I nearly had a heart attack and started running around the parking lot freaking out. This turned out to be a bad idea since I am on a cleanse diet and eat about 300 calories a day. So 30 seconds into my celebration I was on the ground, drinking my Cayenne Pepper Lemonade. Anyways, I want to look at this, and others decisions. 

I have heard a few arguments about whether he should stay or not. And from the brilliant (sarcasm) Skip Bayless, you hear that "He Had To Go." Here is Marcus' response to that. 

“First thing this morning I hear Skip Bayless say I had to go,” Smart said. “In my mind I'm like, ‘No disrespect, but why?' He says it's because the draft class is weaker this year than next year. Well, that's telling me, from a competitor standpoint, you have no respect for my game and my ability to compete with those guys.

Please do not hear me as a homer fan, I would do it for any school, but it is so refreshing to hear a college athlete say this. For two reasons, one being that a kid actually picked the sport over money, and two because Skip Bayless is a D Bag. Why Skip, did he have to go. What is your reasoning to say he HAD to go. I have even heard people say he SHOULD have gone. What are people basing this reasoning on. Are you also saying that they SHOULDN'T stay in college and get an education. That they SHOULDN'T stay with their friends and try to win next year. I feel like no matter what decision you make, people are going to gripe. At the beginning of the year you hear reporters say 

"Kids leaving College Basketball early is destroying the game. All they care about it money. A 19 year old can't handle that much money." 

I agree with that. But then when a kid decides to stay, the same geniuses are saying

"He had to leave. He is making a huge mistake. What if he gets hurt. What if his stock drops." 

I wasn't aware the reporters were also fortune tellers. At the beginning of the season, no one was talking about Marcus Smart. He wasn't on many people's radar, and then he turned it on at the start of the year. Who's to say that halfway through the year, he climbs their draft boards and turns out a guaranteed number 1. And how the crap do these dorks behind a desk know who the teams are going to pick. 

They SHOULD go to the NBA. Why? Marcus said "That's a lot of money for a 19 year old to have." And you know what, he is right. He realizes he can't handle that money. He realizes that he would make a lot of mistakes. And you know what, he probably loves Stillwater. He has his lifelong friend in Phil Forte there, and everyone is returning, and they have a score to settle. Blake Griffin did it back in 2008, and he made the right decision. These are college kids, and they are thinking about themselves and the game instead of money, which does not happen very much. Instead of condemning them, let's condone them. Give them a pat on the back. Just because you never had the chance to leave school early for a job, don't tell a kid he is stupid. 

Plus, is it ever really a bad decision if a kid decides to stay and get an education.