Be Thankful For These Awful UConn Helmets


UConn trotted these out this week. Avert your eyes! I personally am glad because perhaps, finally, we've hit rock bottom in the grand uniform design race. Think about liesure suits and mustard colored appliances. There came a point where everyone looked around and said, "Ok, we have to stop this."

Such is the case with UConn's new helmets. Thanks Nike, you've suceeded in killing design. Now we can rebuild it.   

We've scene stripe drip and aggressive Beaver logos from Oregon State. We've seen pro combat, throwback and sweat back uniforms. Now we've got Huskie Face. Check that, two shades of Huskie Face just in case you were wondering if they were serious.  


As if playing in the American Athletic Conference weren't bad enough the Huskies have to wear these squarely on top of their heads. If 18 year olds think this is cool then our country is in awful shape.  

Oh, check out the back. Double down on awful UConn. Also you've put your name on these, you've lost all plausible deniability.  

Now that we've gotten this out of our system, let's get back to simple, classic, clean designs. Let this be a sign post, like the AMC Pacer, let us never design something like this again.  


Posted on April 22, 2013 and filed under Sports.