Mad Men Episode 6:3 To Have and To Hold

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Episode three of season six of Mad Men debuted Sunday night. It was the triumphant return of Joan and no Betty. All in all a positive development. Also frequent readers will note how right we were last week about Heinz Ketchup. Never doubt us again.

  • Don's wife (seriously, I don't know her name and often refer to her as Zoobie Zoobie Zoo) has a love scene in her soap opera. Don has these all the time but without his wife.
  • Don is frustrated by this and my wife (I know her name) is frustrated by Don's frustration. "Well he's doing the same thing only for real!" I cut her a look. We don't talk about the Don like that. Not in my house.
  • The swinger scene was awkwardly awesome. I'd skip dessert and go ahead and part company at a point. Brave of Don and the wife to stick it out.
  • Pete brings the Heinz Ketchup guy to his shackin' shack for a secret meeting with Don. The greatest line of many tonight was Peter offering his place to Don if he's ever in the city. Don replies "I live here." and walks out. Keep trying Pete. Someday you'll be a cool kid.
  • Peggy beat Don at his own game. I think this means that the student has become the teacher. She also stole a Don line about changing the conversation. Don does a sad face.
  • The scene outside the pitch room was AWESOME.
  • Afterwards at the bar I half expected a brawl to break out. I'm taking the other guys only because Don's crew is saddled with Pete.
  • Peggy and Don squaring off over Ketchup. I believe I had that.
  • Harry Crane went head to head with Joan, even called her out for how she made partner. Harry may not make the season.
  • Seriously, who's better than Stan Rizzo. Don't answer that! NO ONE!
  • Continuing the APB for Roger Sterling. Roger had a great line tonight in the partners meeting but then disapeared again into the mist.
  • So the signal for Don and Freaks and Geeks is a penny under the door mat? No bandana on the door nob.
  • Pete lost the beans account. No big loss. Let's get on that Spam or better yet Tang.
  • Seriously, does anyone miss Betty? No one? That's what I thought.

Next week things are said and people react to them. Strongly.

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Posted on April 23, 2013 .