Mad Men Episode 6:4 The Flood

Mad Men The Flood.png

"You're a sexy girl and you smell nice."

  • The MLK assassination came tonight. (April 4, 1968, thank you Wikipedia)
  • Betty's back. With black hair. What did you do during those 17 minutes of pointless story line? I made a plate of nachos. 
  • Michael Ginsberg got a date with a female from the tribe. We like the Ginsberg, we at the bud pull for him.
  • He and Rizzo need a spin off where they become buddy cops. Rizzo and Ginsberg.
  • Creepy young Ringo Star showed up and was visited by the spirit of Dr. King.
  • Creepy young Ringo Star doesn't shake hands and tries to communicate without words. Peyote is a hell of a drug.
  • The Don takes little Bobby to Planet of the Apes twice. TWICE.
  • Pete Campbell's a child. He wants to run home to his wife who threw him out and she says no thanks, I'm good. Feeling alone Pete? Enjoy your Chinese take-out. Dan Dan noodles?
  • Paul Newman made a speech at the awards presentation. Well, fake, distant Paul Newman.
  • Betty's husband wants to be a State Rep. Maybe we can have a Betty Draper "get back in shape girl" training montage next time.
  • This show has loose ends at times. Unlike the Wire some don't get tied up.
  • Don ends up on a balcony overlooking a burning city at the end. Deep stuff. I don't get it but it felt deep. Kind of like when I saw Beverly Hills Cop Two.
  • I can't get my thoughts away from the Rizzo and Ginsberg cop show. Dear TV execs, the pilot is written. I just need a drug kingpin, a informant pimp, some doors to kick in, and a '70 Chevelle.

Next week Don joins a backroom arm wrestling circuit, Peggy goes back to dancing, and Roger Sterling becomes a fighter pilot. I gathered as much from the preview.

Posted on April 30, 2013 .