What Can We Expect Tomorrow?

Some would say this is the most unpredictable tourney we have ever seen. I am not going to get into that debate, because then you have to start bringing in VCU, Butler, Gonzaga, and George Mason. I will say that it has been one of the most surprising I have seen. The fact that only one #1 seed is making it to this weekend shows me two things. 

1. Seedings don't really matter. I mean they matter to some point, but once you get to the 10 or higher, I really think anyone can get to the Final Four

2. There are a lot of good college athletes out there. Some would argue that there are not enough and that they leave too early to go to the NBA. Are there that many leaving to make the mediocre seem that good. No. See FGCU this year. Sherwood Brown could start for a number of other top teams. Some kids just want to stay close to home, and if the Florida's and Miami's won't look at them, they will find someone who will

Michigan vs. Syracuse

Michigan is the only team I still have left in the tournament. They are playing incredible. They played in the toughest conference and were consistently good. They are easily the most athletic team left and have the potential to blow any of the remaining teams out of the arena. Notice I said potential, because we have also seen them lay an egg and not play worth a crap. What is going to mess them up is Syracuse's zone. Watching the Indiana game, I noticed that the Hoosiers looked scared. Some of the players even said it looked like there were 7 guys on the court. This could be the difference. But this game will come down to the team who can play the full 40 minutes, and sometimes syracuse gets tired in the last 4. 

Louisville vs Wichita State

The Shockers have flown under the radar for most of the tournament. While we were talking about FGCU, they were beating Gonzaga, La Salle, Pittsburgh and Ohio State. I would say that gets you a little bit of credit. They have nothing to lose. They were in the easiest bracket, but took care of the top two seeds. But Louisville has showed they are the best #1 seed this year. They have been playing well, and after what happened on Sunday, and the fact that they didn't give up, but rallied and stomped the Blue Devils, I think they are unstoppable. If they can stop the perimeter shot for Wichita State, they have a great chance. 

Look for Louisville to play Michigan on Monday

(Remember, my bracket has more red through it than Felicity on that new FX show)