Mad Men Episode 6:6 "Man With A Plan"

Mad Men 6:6.png

Now that we've got the galantry out of the way...Mad Men was back on Sunday night. The season is half over. Where did the time go?


  • Don kept Freaks and Geeks in a hotel room for two or three days. This was dark and weird.
  • I guess I'm supposed to dislike Don more and more. It's working.
  • Pete's living with his mom! Pete's living with his mom!
  • The Roger Sterling firing Burt Peterson may be the best scene of the season. I fully realize this the second time I've said a scene was the best of the season.
  • They had a little Ginsberg and Rizzo this week. That's a little too little.
  • They killed Bobby Kennedy in this episode. Funny how Pete's mom, because of her dementia, isn't taken seriously by Petey.
  • Maybe Pete and his mom could be a version of the Odd Couple. You know historical events happen, Pete's mom tells Pete about them and he doesn't believe them. "Peter we landed on the moon!" "Shut up mom, you're crazy" Cue laugh track. 
  • The new giant firm is cutting out the excess and firing redundant employees.
  • Why make those poor people pack up and move only to be fired after they move into the new office. Let's pack things once people.
  • Joan and the accounting guy have formed an alliance. Let's see how this works out at tribal counsel.
  • No Betty. Perhaps the writers have been reading the BULLETS!
  • Amazing to watch Don go from male dominatrix to shattered little boy in 3 seconds after Freaks and Geeks tells him it's over.
  • Is this the end of Freaks and Geeks as a regular occurring character? Apparently her old man is moving to Minneapolis.
  • Peggy and Don are two trains head towards each other. Peggy is acquiring enough pull to call Don out on his shenanigans. They should totally make out.
  • Maybe he can lock her in a hotel room.

Next week on Mad Men...vague, vagueness.

Posted on May 15, 2013 .