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Greg Duplant on Nothing to Envy

"This is quite a refreshing take on the state of the Cowboys simply because it is the truth. I've been a Cowboys fan for 34 years and it's gotten tiresome to see fellow fans that are deluded or living in the past. I’m of the opinion that as long as Jerry is GM the Cowboys will never achieve playoff success again, much less a Super Bowl. His ego won’t allow him to hand over the reins and I fear the team will be mired in mediocrity (at best) for years to come. The sad thing about Jerry making all these coaching moves over the years is that they are all just band-aids to cover up the real problem – Jerry Jones. He has severely tested my fandom."

Yes we are refreshing. Yes Jerry Jones is a combination of Mr. Burns, Al Davis, the purple teletubbie and the dark lord Voldemort. Wait til is grandson Spalding is making picks. FYI it's coming.

apparent fart on The Houston Astros K-Meter

"Seems racist."

How dare you. The article on the Edward Jones Dome is racist. This one is only mildly bigotted.

jcaRLTW on Name An Astro

"not sure which is worse, that ya'll spent time doing this, or that I spent time reading it..."

Both are bad, I'd give the nod to your reading it. We waste A LOT of time of things and rarely include other innocent parties.

daddy on The Metamorphosis

"Who's the father?"

Fair question. Derek?

george michael on Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

"The only thing that would make this reviewer gheyr would be.... hold on give me a sec... seriously there has to be something..."

You misspelled a word here. Not sure the context of your comment.

the methane hurricane on Texans vs. Patriots Playoff Preview

"Great preview. Pure balls and intellect just like I take my coffee... and some Photoshop."

Two things: First, we have a lot of flatulent commenters. Two, I take my coffee with cream and sugar and dollop of honey. 

Posted on May 8, 2013 .