Iron Man 3 - Instant Analysis

I read a website that is basically news for Super Hero movies. Judge me, make fun of me, mock me, but it's true, I can't get enough. When I heard, 2 years ago, that they were making an Iron Man 3, I was pumped. Mainly because of Robert. Let's talk about a man who was about as far down in the dumps as you can get, and has since then rocketed himself into the role as America's loveable, adorable character actor. He plays the role of Tony Stark so well, and nails the comic book persona that was laid out by Stan Lee years ago.

This weekend I went to the movie super excited, and walked out a little bit disappointed. Let me say these two things first. 

1. If you are a casual Avengers/Iron Man fan, you are going to love this movie. They changed the bad guy, so he wasn't fighting someone in a metal suit again. They introduced some new characters and they story was awesome. There was a lot of humor in it that was refreshing, and not raunchy, which seems to be the norm for most comedians now. 

2. If you are an avid Marvel fan, you are going to be let down by the movie, and here's why. (MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS, DON'T READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT) 

A. The Mandarin - This dude is evil. I mean pure evil. Sometimes you have some villians who are bad, but show a human side, The Mandarin does not have this. He is an expert at martial arts. Her is a genius  scientist, and also a bit of a terrorist. So when I saw that he was going to be in Iron Man 3, I was real excited to see what they were going to do with him, and also how Iron Man was going to battle him, because it was going to be crazy. The first half of the movie did not let me down. In Iron Man 1, they set-up Mandarin, with a reference to the Ten Rings, which is where Mandarin gets his powers from, so there was a lot build-up. There is a scene where Tony gets to where Mandarin is hiding out and sneaks up on him, only to find that he is a British actor who was hired by the leader of AIM to steer the world away from himself. It is a funny interaction, but a huge letdown. There were so many great ways you could have taken the Mandarin, and this was no where on my radar. He is kind of a wimp and you realize everything he stood for was a lie created by someone else. It is taking someone you grew up reading and giving their story a total turnaround.

2. Aldrich Killian - He is the leader/founder of AIM, which was created and used to try to bring down Iron Man. They throw in a weird twist though. It is this injection that helps grow lost appendages, etc, and at some point, gets too strong in a human body, and they turn into human bombs, leaving no trace of a bomb, which is what "the Mandarin" has been doing. There were a whole lot of liberties and new stories created for this. Again, one of those times where it would have been so cool to see them stick with the original story, and not Hollywood it up.


3. You are introduced to a character names Eric Slavin, who is a great character. The problem is that he is really a villain in the comic books called ColdBlood, who is basically RoboCop. When i heard he was in it, I was happy to see what they were going to do with him. Again, it was just his name. The story of him being in war and then being put back together was ignored, and he was one of the bombs created by Extremis. Very disappointing.


4. Not to mention the fact that Norman Osborn (from Spiderman) is really Iron Patriot, that one will throw you for a loop. 

5. Staying after the credits was a waste. It was Tony talking to Bruce Banner, but did not link any sort of future movies like all of the others have. Very sad. Not worth staying for. 

Now hear me out, I loved the movie. It was great acting and a decent story. I am just one that loved the original comics and would have loved to w