Southwest Round-Up Unit Ranking: Quarterbacks

The Round-Up ranks the Texas FBS QB’s for 2013. Unlike Offensive Line rankings, there are actual stats that are commonly applied to Quarterbacks. I know crazy right. We even put a handy dandy table here right below for your to follow along.

A few brief caveats…

In cases where we don’t have a returning starter, we’re really just projecting, but given systems and coaches and returning talent we can get close.

Jameill Showers is probably undervalued but given the lack of knowledge about his ability, his new coach, the new system and most of what else goes on in El Paso that's the slot.

Tyler Arndt may not actually start at Texas State. Coach Fran has made some comments about true freshman Tyler Jones, who may give the Bobcats a better chance to win. Until then Arndt is the guy, though Jones, being a freshman and all wouldn't be higher ranked anyway, but Surebud thinks he's going to be a keeper.

Michael Brewer’s back is an issue. Chances are he won’t be the exclusive starter for week one, the job may go to freshman walk-on Baker Mayfield or highly regarded freshman Davis Webb. Either one will, at the very least, split time with Brewer.

Lastly, TCU coach Gary Patterson hasn’t named a starter yet, but conventional wisdom is he’s going to name Casey Pachall but wants to make sure Pachall is past his off-the-field issues by waiting as long as he can to do so. Plus LSU has to prepare for two very different quarterbacks for week one.

There you go...let's rank 'em. Feel free to play along at home.

School Player Year Comp Att Yards Comp % TD INT Sacks Sack Rate Yards/Att.
Texas A&M Johnny Manziel So. 295 434 3706 68% 26 9 22 4.80% 7.8
Texas David Ash Jr. 214 318 2699 67.30% 19 8 10 3% 8
TCU Casey Pachall Sr. 64 97 948 66% 10 1 3 3% 9.1
Baylor Bryce Petty Jr. 7 10 97 70% 1 0 1 9.10% 8.5
Texas Tech Michael Brewer So. 34 48 375 70.80% 4 0 2 4% 7.2
Houston David Piland Jr. 256 448 2929 57% 16 12 12 2.68% 6.5
UTSA Eric Soza Sr. 166 282 2085 58.90% 20 3 12 1.10% 7.3
Rice Taylor McHargue Sr. 194 325 2209 59.70% 12 5 25 7.10% 5.9
North Texas Derek Thompson Sr. 214 372 2649 57.50% 14 14 5 1.30% 7
SMU Garrett Gilbert Sr. 268 506 2932 53% 15 15 33 6.10% 5.1
UTEP Jameil Showers Jr. 27 44 319 61.40% 2 1 1 2.20% 6.9
Texas State Tyler Arndt Sr. 22 56 208 39.30% 1 3 0 0% 3.7
Manziel 1.png

So Johnny Manziel is about to play football again, I’m sure this comes as a relief to Aggie fans and strikes fear in his opponents. The Bud is assuming Manziel will play by the way, A&M's tact is probably to dare the NCAA to suspend him or take away wins later. All that aside Manziel was trascendant on the field. Over 3,000 yards passing, over 1,000 yards rushing, accounting for 47 TD’s and a miniscule interception number, he went from undersized unknown to Heisman winner in the blink of an eye. No one comes close to his numbers on the list, now if he can just find his way onto the field.


David Ash’s line graph, if we had that technology, would be trending up. Ash continues to improve and last year he got close a 70% completion clip with twice as many TD’s as interceptions. That’s enough for a top two finish and, here’s a shocker, if he gets some help Texas could jump back into the National Title picture. Ash is as well rounded a quarterback as there is in the country.


Casey Pachall had a tumultuous 2012 to say the least. 4-0 as a starter then a DWI, a suspension, a stint in rehab, and reinstatement last spring. At Big 12 Media Days the leering press named him the pre-season All Big-12 Quarterback. That’s high praise considering what 2012 looked like. He’s definitely got the talent and he’s TCU’s best chance to win, but rehab and inner demons are tough to overcome. Still, given his performance on the field it’s hard to slot him lower.


Bryce Petty is the next man-up and while number four may seem high for a guy who’s thrown less than 20 passes, Nick Florence wasn’t exactly a household name when he went and made people kind of, sort of forget about RGIII. Petty is a better athlete than Florence with a bigger arm than both Florence and Griffin. He’s also got some moxie, which we like, and his coach certainly believes in him. That’s enough for us for now.


Michael Brewer’s back injury has put a hitch in the Round-Up’s gitty-up, but we’re going to go ahead and give him the nod at 5. Brewer will be the latest quarterback in a string of two of the most successful lines in college football: Texas Tech quarterbacks and Kliff Kingsburry trigger men. Brewer will throw for a ton of yards and if he doesn’t someone else at Tech will, even with the questions at offensive line, even with the inexperience behind him.


David Piland is number six, which may be a surprise, heck we know we were surprised, but when you look at the numbers it’s hard to drop him much further. Piland was asked to step in as a true freshman when Case Keenum went down, then he was asked to step up full time when Keenum graduated. That’s about as tough as it gets for a Houston QB. His numbers fell from 2010, when he replaced the injured Keenum, to 2012 his first year as the man, but they weren’t bad. If Piland cuts down on interceptions, he’ll be fine. He’ll just never be Case Keenum in most Cougar fans’ eyes.


Eric Soza’s been the starting quarterback for the Roadrunners but more than that he’s been the poster boy for Larry Coker’s program: excellent student and a tremendous ambassador for UTSA. On the field, in two years, Soza has been very good against somewhat inferior opposition. Had Soza put up his numbers against better competition, no doubt he would be higher, maybe even top 3. That’s not to say he’s been padding his stats. Against FBS opponents, Soza’s statistics are almost identical to his overall stats which are solid if not great. The takeaway? He plays big in big games.


Taylor McHargue could be higher up on this list, he’s actually statistically a better player than some of higher ranked QB's. He led the Owls to resurgence from an awful start to the 2012 season all the way to a bowl victory. He completed a decent percentage, threw for over 2,200 yards and had twice as many TD’s as interceptions. Two problems with his 2012, he took a ton of sacks and his yards per attempt were under 6. McHargue could be upwardly mobile on this list with Rice’s returning players and schedule.


The Mean Green have been trying to replace Derek Thompson for three seasons now, it hasn’t worked. This year they brought in Kansas transfer Brock Bergland and freshman Dajon Williams to bump him off. Thompson has held on, even excelled. On the field Thompson hasn’t been as bad as you might think. Or maybe he has been. I don’t know you. He completed almost 60% of his passes, doesn’t take many sacks, and if he can clean up his interceptions, a big if, he could be an up an upper echelon Round-Up signal caller.


For those of you waiting on Garrett Gilbert to be great, get in line. It’s now or never for Garrett Gilbert. He’s got everything he needs at SMU, Hal Mumme as his Offensive Coordinator, returning skill players, and June Jones at Head Coach. It hasn’t happened yet for Gilbert. Last year his completion %, interception ratio, yards per completion and sack rate were all sub-standard. If you're a Run-&-Shoot team and your quarterback hits on just 53% of your pass attempts something isn't working. This is Gilbert's last chance to fix it.


If there were one quarterback who could make the biggest jump in rankings it’s Jameill Showers. Showers transferred to UTEP from A&M in the Spring where he’s been named the starter. Showers has been in the wrong place at the wrong time during most of his career, backing up a top 10 pick in Ryan Tannehill and losing the starting job at A&M to phenom Johnny Manziel. El Paso may just be the right place and right time for Showers. Apparently the coaching staff at UTEP loves him. We're going to bet others will as well.


Tyler Arndt has been here before. He was the named starter two years ago, then last year he was the backup, but still had a couple of starts. Since being a relatively highly regarded recruit out of Cuero, Ardnt has played a considerable amount over the past 3 years. In that time he’s never completed for than 58% of his passes and he’s thrown as many interceptions as touchdowns. Tyler Jones, a freshman from Stephenville, will push Arndt for playing time.