Thoughts on 2 Days Worth of SEC Media Days.

Takeaways from 2 Days of SEC Media Days

Kevin Sumlin is like John Shaft only cooler and with more weapons at his disposal.

Johnny Football is Justin Bieber of college football. That ain’t a good thing. ESPN gave him the full Tebow treatment today.

Avoid Sportscenter tonight. It’s gonna be all ESPY’s and Johnny Football or as ESPN calls it, Wednesday.

New coaches were on display. Let’s rank their Media Day performances.

Mark Stoops – Kentucky. Yes he does exist, photographic evidence of a third Stoops brother. Went about half Stoops which is not near enough Stoops for my taste. B-

Butch Jones – Tennessee. Butch Jones makes definitive statements often with hand gestures. I can’t figure out his hair cut. It’s like a flat top fade with the sides left intact. That alone raises his score. B+

Gus Malzahn – Auburn. I’m sorry but I don’t believe a word he says…about anything…I don’t even think he’s a coach at Auburn after today. C-

Brett Bielema – Arkansas. Next to Spurrier from yesterday his was the best performance. That’s pretty good. Like losing out to the Godfather II for the Oscar. He and Malzahn are going to exchange blows during the midfield handshake when their teams play this year. Book it. A+

In other news...

Yesterday Gary Pinkel made his last SEC Media Day appearance. I thought it was poetic that after he finished the assembled journalists stood and poured one out for him. Meet you at the cross-roads Gary. When you get that MAC job next spring remember the good times. 

Spurrier is a press conference God. Afterwards I tried to hug him but the line for Steve Spurrier hugs was too long.

I wanted to ask Hugh Freeze about the “Blind Side” as compared with the Billy Crystal George Muresan classic “My Giant.” Seriously watch those two movies side by side and try to differentiate plot points.

Commissioner Slive started things off on Tuesday by essentially dumping out a giant truckload of cash and laying in it screaming “I built this bitch!”

One day left of fun. Tomorrow we get to hear from Les Miles. Someone needs to ask him about Sharknado. He has thoughts on Sharknado, I have no doubt.