Day Three of SEC Media Days

Day Three is in the books. Let’s wrap a bow on SEC Media Days 2013.

Saban showed up today. So did the rest of the state of Alabama.

Saban’s appearance at Media Day is one Alabama’s 9 Saban based elective state holidays. Other Saban Days include National Signing Day, Saban Gets a Car Day, Saban Watches Guys Cut His Lawn Day, and of course the ever popular Saban Gets a Dental Cleaning Day.

A.J. McCarron apparently spent the days since the Manning Academy figuring out how to make Johnny Football look as bad as possible by saying as little as possible. Well A.J., Johnny’s going to take your woman now, we can’t stop it.

Les Miles showed up early. We assume this was his allotted time, but chances are very good that he just stumbled in and started talking.

Lots of schedule talk today, it was exciting.

Bobby Petrino arrived today for his preemptive first press conference as head coach at Missouri.

James Franklin of Vanderbilt should be considered for whatever big job comes up next. USC, Texas, NBA Dream Team, Men’s World Cup Coach.

Mark Richt was here. He clarified that secretaries are now called administrative assistants. Surebud was hoping he would let us know that garages are now known as “car holes.”

Miles gave a wonderful dissertation on his summer, it included repelling, watching his children play sports, watching baseball and repelling. 

As we leave Alabama and gird ourselves for six more weeks of non-football winter, just know the bud’s thoughts are with you. Baseball is almost over as a necessary watchable sport and golf and tennis are clearing up their stuff to make room. The monster returns in August people make haste and prepare.


Posted on July 18, 2013 and filed under Sports.