Big 12 Media Day 2 Recap

Coaches convened for Day 2 of the Big 12 Media event. Let's see what went down.  

  • Bob Stoops, Mack Brown and Dana Hologorsen led off but Art Briles stole the show.
  • If your looking for yin and yang of college football pressers we had them in two days at the Big 12. Charlie Weis called his team a pile of crap yesterday. Today Art Briles served notice that Baylor is dead set on arriving on a national level.
  • When Briles was asked about first year starter Bryce Petty and his expectations of the quarterback, Briles said he expected Petty to "break every Baylor record there is offensively, which is what we expect him to do and what he plans to do. "
  • There's a reason Art Briles has won every where he's gone. That's it. He's a walking set of giant balls.
  • Mack Brown could broker a peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Briles was asked about the two voters out of twenty-five who voted the Bears to win the Big 12. His response, "I was wondering why those other 23 didn't believe in us." Balls.   
  • Why does the Big 12 put Paul Rhodes up last in the order? That's like inviting everyone to leave early.  
  • Dana Holgorsen should be sponsored by Red Bull and Mountain Dew.