Gear Head: Incarnate Word

Incarnate Word has new football uniforms. Ok, wait let me back up. Incarnate Word has a football team. Ok, let me back up a little further, Incarnate Word is a private college nestled in a beautiful campus just north of downtown San Antonio. Anyway...Incarnate Word has new uniforms, and apparently no video. We'll count off for that, but then give credit for no chest fondling and bad hip hop. Call it even. Here are the new togs.  

Since the program's inception the Cards have struggled with their uniforms. Plain Jane. And they've got great colors. Red and Black are one of the Gear Head's favorite combos. Now they've taken a turn, switching from pointless to some form of a scheme/theme.

This is what they trotted out on this week.  

Talk about a splash of color. All in all not bad there UIW. The Cards by the way have made the jump to the FCS level by joining the Southland Conference this off-season. Gotta say I like the look especially considering what they've trotted out for the past few years.  


For the Cardinals red is the new black and I like it. It's a clean look. Too much red? Maybe. Especially with a black helmet. The helmet itself has issues that we'll address later, but with the black matte helmet all the red may be off balance.

Just Say No to Flywire

As we've chronicled here on the head, flywire kind of sucks. It was cutting peoples throats last year in the NFL. Bet Nike didn't share that during the design meeting. They also didn't tell you that it fades rapidly in the wash, so at the end of week three you'll have a wonderful pink accent on your jerseys.

The Helmet

Real simple, the matte finish is a decent, albeit trendy look, but in this application, the Cardinals need something, perhaps a white outline to distinguish the logo from the rest of the helmet. You know make it pop and what not.  

The Font

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, they're all hucksters at heart. They are there to sell you on something. Something that is new and unique and distinctly you. A big area of husterism is the jersey font. It goes like this..."Hey Incarnate Word, we've got a new and distinctive font package for you." Great you think, we'll get our own unique font. Then you look around and see a dozen other teams sporting your unique font collection. I don't hate the font, but it's just like every other teams new uni font.  

Don't Let the Socks Fool You

Some of you may have missed this, and it's OK you aren't trained professionals like the Gear Head, but UIW may be sporting some red uniform socks with white sanitary socks. You'll see this used and abused on the NFL level and I luvs it at the college level. Keep it up there Cards. One thought, what about a black uniform sock? Just throwing it out there, might help your red/black color balance. I'm not here to judge. Much. 

Two more observations: Are the shaded visors allowed in college football? I thought this was a safety issue. Lastly, those are some sweet kicks. And by kicks I mean shoes, just for clarity.  

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Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 2.42.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 2.42.24 PM.png
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