Breaking Down the Bad


The 7th to last Episode of breaking Bad aired last night and things are heating up fast.  It’s kind of unusual to watch a show that has so far to go in so little time.  Here is a recap of what happened:

  • An old man finds wads of cash that Jesse has thrown out the window.  Having Jesse as the sympathetic character is great and all but his story line is boring right now.
  • Walt tries to reach Skyler before Hank does but fails. Walt has the ability to be real calm and collected when confronting enemies but when he is on his own he is still a bit of a spaz.
  • Hank’s meeting with Skyler does not go well.  She lawyers up pretty quickly which is a strange move for her.  Since the beginning of Breaking Bad I've been ready for the writers to kill Skyler off but finally with 7 episodes to go I’m starting to like her.  It seems like Walt has rubbed off on her a bit.  "Am I under arrest" is the new "say my name".
  • Saul's thugs go to the warehouse to pick up the cash and for comic relief they lay on it like a bed.  When they daydream of going to (old) Mexico they decide against it because they are scared of Heisenberg.
  • Saul asks Walt if he thinks he should send Hank to Belize (aka: kill Hank).  Walt is disgusted by this and says he won't do it because "He's family".  Of course Walt basically threatened to kill Hank to his face just a couple of hours earlier.
  • Walt drives to the desert and begins burying the cash.  I’m not a real man but I don't think a pick axe is the right tool for that job.
  • Hank brings Marie over to convince Skyler to turn on Walt, and that's when things get real. When Skylar won't comply Marie slaps her for defending the man that caused her husband to get shot.  Marie tries to take baby Heisenberg but Skyler goes all Sally Field from the 1991 classic "Not Without my Daughter".
  • Walt passes out in his panties after getting home from burying the money.  Skyler was in the process of convincing him that she hadn't betrayed him.  What's her angle here? Why is she sticking with him? Skyler and Walt decide to do nothing and let Hank try to build a case without any evidence.
  • Lydia confronts the meth cooks that have replaced Walt about their inferior product.  They let her know that what you see is what you get.  The lead singer from Crucifictorious and his uncle Jack come in and kill all of the guys that won't work with Lydia to make the product better.  Crucifictorious is a bit of a psychopath but he sure is polite.
  • Marie convinces Hank that he needs to get the DEA to gather evidence to help put Walt in jail. After Hank and Steve make several cop jokes about each other's balls Steve tells Hank that Jesse has been arrested for throwing money out of his car window.  Hank sees this is one last opportunity to solve the case on his own. The episode ends with Hank walking into the Interview room where Jesse is sitting. This is actually one of the more subtle but better cliffhanger endings we've seen on Breaking Bad.

It’s weird to watch a series that is basically about a guy living a double life, then 2 episodes into the new season all of the major players find out who he is.  It's like a completely different show. Heisenberg no longer has to hide behind Walt. 

Anything we missed?

Crucifictorious at the height of their fame. 

Posted on August 19, 2013 .