Fox Sports 1 Review

Let's really jump the gun and talk about what we've seen thus far on Fox Sports 1. After all, the network is a full four days old so clearly we can derive some very short sighted comments and criticisms from its 96 some hours of broadcasting.  

The 2 Canadian Guys Are Funny...Sort of.

Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole, are transplants from Canada and are the lead anchor duo of FS1. Lots of funny things come from Canada, Mike Myers, Kids in the Hall, Trailer Park Boys, Strange Brew, the Toronto Raptors, etc. These guys are right in the meaty part of the curve when it comes to funny. At this point they'll either grow on me or make me wish I'd never met them. CHOICES!  I'll say this, they are way funnier than anything ESPN is trotting out. By the way remember when Olbermann was funny? You probably don't because it was a long time ago and he's been such a sour puss for so long. Now it's one thing to be funny, quite another to deliver the highlights in a way that is informative without being annoying. I'm not sure we're there...yet, but I'm giving the Canucks a chance.

Dear God, Why are Donovan McNabb, Andy Roddick and Gary Payton talking?

This is a classic sports producer trick - get a bunch of former athletes together and have them address sports stuff. And the last time this worked was never. I remember a few years ago Tony Kornheiser left his radio show in part because his producers kept throwing athletes at him to interview, they don't have much interesting to say was Kornheiser's contention. I tend to agree with him. Why not interview a panel of bloggers or journalists who cover specific teams and cities, yes I know you can turn over to ESPN and get this angle, but you can also tune in over there and listen to Merrill Hodge speak. Don't risk it. The sports world is being taken over by the nerds and stat geeks. Pull them out of their mom's basement and let them talk. It might be interesting. Surely more interesting than the jock panel on FS1. On the FS1 panel last night they asked the assembled jocks if the Redskins should be concerned with the Kurt Cousins injury? Let's go around and work this out guys, what's your take? Riveting. That being said, I think Ephraim Salaam is pretty decent. Keep that guy around. Ditch the rest. 

And the Crowd Goes Wild

Speaking of panels, "And the Crowd Goes Wild", FS1's daily show featuring Regis Philbin et al is a panel nightmare. There are 6 people and Reg all talking over each other and trying to get in one liners. Reg actually just looked confused. So did I.  The tag line  to the show is that it blends sports and entertainment. Great. I'm so enthused. I thought we might have some original ideas coming out of FS1. Perhaps I was wrong. 

Games, Games, Games!

Games may end up saving FS1. Once college football season kicks off they'll have some content to drive people to. Right now they've got various forms of boxing and racing. That's about it. Think about ESPN, we watch it for the sports and just make fun of their studio productions. Ok, I may be projecting, but you get my point. Let's get some college football going and you may be OK FS1.

In the mean time, here's some M83. Enjoy. 

Posted on August 20, 2013 and filed under Sports.