Throwback Thursday -1982 SMU v. Tech

That's John Facenda! "The Autumn wind is a pirate." Fitting for a classic in Lubbock in November of '82. SMU was the best team money could buy until the 2004 USC squad came along. Suck it Leinart. The Pony Express rolled into Lubbock the No. 2 team in the US of A. The Raiders would end up 4-7 in 1982, but they were a scrappy bunch. Losing earlier in the season to No. 1 Washington, in Seattle, 10-3. Penn State would eventually be named NCAA Champion in 1982 even though they had a loss and SMU only suffered a tie that season. I say named because we voted on the Champion in 1982. And you thought the BCS was silly.


  • The Red Raiders were coach by...Jerry Moore, he just retired from Appalachian State where he won back to back to back FCS titles from 2005-2007, AND upset Michigan in the Big House.

  • Bobby Collins coached SMU, which meant a lot of book keeping I guess.

  • SMU would tie Arkansas the next week. Yes there were ties in College Football. Someday the Round-Up will do an extensive case study on the period of time when Texas High School playoff games that were tied were decided by something called "penetrations." Controversial!

  • Collins almost got the job at Mississippi State in 1990. That job went to...Jackie Sherrill. Holy NCAA violations Batman!

  • Gabe Rivera, aka Senor Sack was chronicled in this little video. He was a first round pick of the Steelers but only played six games due to suffering paralysis from an auto-accident.

  • Hot Fuzz refers to car accidents as traffic collisions.

  • Eric Dickerson ran for 1,617 yards and average 7.0 yards a carry in 1982.

  • The number one Rock song on Billboard's Top 100 for the week of November 13, 1982 was Shock the Monkey by Peter Gabriel.

  • Peter Gabriel was the original front-man of Genesis. He was replaced by drummer Phil Collins.

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