Gear Head: TCU's New Unis

TCU busts out a new uniform every year. This year is no different except it is different because of the eye blood. Eye Blood? Yes, eye blood. 

Not a bad uniform video except for the fact that it DID NOT SHOW THE DAD GUM UNIFORM. Other than that, spot on. #smh


There's the uniform. Thanks Nike, I'll get it myself. Now go back to ruining some other team's uniforms. Wait, while you're here, would it kill you to have a model that resembles a football player? Just checking.  


Let's get our marker out and start to marking... 


1. Nike made TCU a font all their own. Not sure what the markings are inside the font, I'm sure it symbolizes a Horned Frog scratching an enemy animal, but it looks like Tiger stripes.

2. Quick what are TCU's school colors? Well based on the picture, they're black, purple and some shade that I'm not entirely ready to call red right now.  

3. On closer inspection it appears that might be a Horned Frog hisself in that number.

4. What's the point of putting a name or number on a uniform that cannot be seen from more than 12 feet away? Why not just leave it blank and tell everyone it says "TCU" in black. Or, better yet, make it readable.  


5. This fabric seems different that other high tech fabrics. Oh I'm sure it's breathable and amazing but it looks hot and stiff. (grow up kids) You can't tell me this feels better than mesh, especially with the base layer.  

6. Let's Talk Helmet. Apparently Horned Frogs shoot blood out of there eyes when threatened. Doesn't seem that efficient of an offensive or defensive maneuver but I'm not going to argue against God's creation here. So, what do we need on our TCU helmet? A replication of an inefficient defensive maneuver that's what! I'd bet that Art Briles is, as we speak, trying to work out if his defense would be better if they shot blood out of there eyes. Tomorrow's practice might be both confusing and painful for the Bears. 

Here's a secret transcript of the Nike design meeting where the helmet decision was made.  


Four brave men and one sled dog lost their lives smuggling that out of Oregon. Poor one out for them tonight.  


Anywho, on to the helmet. 

Yes, that's definitely an eye blood shot. Hmmm. Not sure what to do with that other than confirm its existence.  

Eye blood on a matte finished helmet with back logo. Guess we can check that one off the list. Also I'm ready to confirm that the red on the helmet is NOT red.   

Posted on August 26, 2013 and filed under Sports.