Gear Head - Notre Dame

Notre Dame has new uniforms. Don't wake up the echos - they're gonna be pissed! 

I guess everyone's going to do a video to introduce new uniforms now. Memo to Oregon, if this is the case, you'll never be able to practice.  

If you're prone to seizures don't get too close to the screen.  

ND Front.jpg

The Shining.


As to the uniforms, these are called the "shamrock series" they're a one off that the Irish will wear against Arizona State, and boy are they shiny. Shiny helmets, shinier helmet decal, shiny numbers, shiny shoes. I guess you can actually polish a terd.





Harry Potter Case.jpg

You Can Take 'Em to Hogwarts


The old Shamrock Series came in a case a couple of years ago. No, this doesn't seem excessive at all. Looks like the same case Harry Potter's quiditch set came in. Where's the golden snitch. (Yes the Bud has read the books.)  





All that Glitters is Gold

The helmets have a bass boat flake effect. To be honest among all the things to hate, the helmet is the least. The green face mask isn't event bad. I'm sure somewhere Baylor is taking notes on this. At least it's not a matte finish, though they did mix in a mirrored decal. If you look at it closely you can see forever or Manti Teo's girlfriend.   




The Stretch Marks

Addidas Cloth.jpg

Adidas has a new fabric that they're a busting out everywhere. They've been glossed "stretch marks." I'm sure they make everything faster and better, or not, but regardless they look awful. It's just another branding shell game that shoe companies play. 'Hey look at our new speed fabric, is 4% lighter and 2% more buoyant and it's only from Adidas.' And they say these are amateur athletes.






Number Placement

Is it just me or is that back number sitting real low? Like small of the back low? Why not just knock out the middle man and put it on the ass of the pants?  There's room for a last name, height, weight, position, GPA, course list, and favorite color. Does this look comfortable as all? If you're a 320 pound guard who's a little self conscious of your hips are gonna feel like a champion in this? I don't think so. Compression effect is in full effect as well.







Never forget, it could have been worse.  

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