Gear Head - Texas Longhorns

The eyes of Texas are upon us as the Longhorns bust out "new" uniforms for the 2013 campaign. The Bud puts "new" in quotes because you don't trade a Hall-of-Famer and you don't mess with a classic. Luckily UT did neither.   

The video combines the Imperial March with other badassery. We likey. No rap. No dancing, not a collar to be popped. No glove melding. Just straight up uniform.  

It Ain't Broke

White Jersey.jpg

Let's start with a simple premise - once you've got an iconic look you don't need to gimmick it up. You don't need chrome, matte, wings, stripe drip, non-school colors, etc. Just tweak it. That's all UT had to do.


It Pops

Nobody goes to Home Depot and says, give me some of that Burnt Orange for the family room and I'll accent it in the kitchen. Ok, so I know a few people who might do that, but burnt orange isn't on everyone's pallet. But this sucker pops. The white jumps out.


Font Size Success


You know why we put numbers on uniforms? So girls can pick you out when you're doing awesome stuff. Oh and so  everyone will know who the guy was who was caught holding. The Cowboys Tex Schramm came up with the idea of TV numbers. you know the ones that gone on the sleeve or shoulder. UT has moved there's to the shoulder and it's an awesome move.  




The Collar

Early prototypes had the infamous Nike FlyWire Collar. Everyone hated them last year. Thankfully our friends at @UTexasEquipment put out any fires before they got out of control.

It's Just a Stripe People

Amazes me that with all the dry fit, wicking, ultra light technology we can't get stripes right anymore. Nike did it with these. Dear Nebraska and UCLA, DEMAND BETTER. You look like idiots. Just look at Texas, stripes that actually run and sit the right way. Crazy.


The Bumper Is Bad Ass.


Top it all off. Put the cherry on top. Slather the gravy. Ice the cake. Yes, I will have ice cream with that. I will take a scarf to complete the ensemble. A 3D BUMPER! Totally cool, I'd like to commit now Mack, where do I sign. Awesome touch. Now let's go from checkers to chess...3D Longhorn Helmet Decal. There I said it.





Just remember, it could always be worse. 


Posted on August 7, 2013 and filed under Sports.