Gear Head - Texas A&M's New Jersey

Adidas has done it again. And by done it I mean taken something wonderful and killed it. Let's hope they never get ahold of a unicorn or Keebler Elf.  

No video just a photo. 


That's the clean version. Let me get out my crayons so I can MARK THIS MOTHER UP! 

Stretch Marks


Adidas has a brand new fabric that they are running out this fall. Techfit is back, as I call it Tightfit. They've also added some odd pattern along with it that we and others have glossed stretch marks. I hate you Adidas.  


That Gig'em is GIGANTIC

The old Ags added some lettering to the inner collar. You know that part of the collar you NEVER see? Yep they added a super large Gig'em there. So just in case you were confused, it's real big. 

While we're at it, let's try and fix these new retro Aggie jerseys.  

They're based on an icon Aggie look from the early to mid 70's. Now at that time, the Aggies were a pretty decent football team. Now the 1975 edition of the Ags went 10-0 including wins over UT, LSU, and Ole Miss. They were ranked number 2 in the nation going into their season ending game against Arkansas. At that time, A&M was ranked 2nd, Texas was 5th, and Arkansas was 18th. Arkansas kicked the hell out of A&M 31-6 and A&M went on to get popped by USC in the Liberty Bowl.


Back to the Unis. This was the look in the 1970's.  Look at these beauties. The shoulder stripes made the look.

What do you not see...number bevels. No at all.

Now I'm going to advocate a controversial opinion, A&M should go white helmets, gray facemasks full time. It's a cleaner look.  

Also, let's go ahead and throw some stripes on the socks. Classy.

Eliminate the bevel, even add a stripe to the pants, but get rid of the stretch marks and we'll have a classic. Then don't go changing it. Lastly, tell adidas to leave them alone. Show them a picture and say "make this." When the Adidas exec puff on his cigar and mentions Techfit, slap him in the face, point to the picture and say "MAKE THIS!" 


Here's a better look.  

Posted on August 8, 2013 and filed under Sports.