Manterest: Entertainment Center Bar

We recently moved into a new house. There is a room in this house that my wife has said "This can be your room." That really means, "This is my room, but I will let you have a couple things in it that can be yours as long as I okay them." So I decided to put something in there that every guy wants, an Entertainment Center/Bar. Here is what I did, unfortunately I did not take pics while doing the work.

photo 4.JPG

I took a real old dresser that was my dad's grandmothers. This thing has been through the ringer. Has been in about 17 different houses and twice as many rooms. Had about 11 different owners and used for everything. Even with all this, it is the most sturdy piece of equipment I have ever seen.  

It had four dressers in it and I took those out. I removed the trim and took it down just to the shell. There were two sock drawers at the top I took out and placed a piece of plywood to reinforce it. That is the top where I put my cable box. 

photo 2.JPG

The middle is the liquor cabinet and the bottom is the wine rack. I took four thin pieces of wood an cut notches in them for the wine and put them at an angle so the wine can tilt down.  

I then used normal wood stain on the outside, and it looked good enough. Questions? 

photo 3.JPG
Posted on September 15, 2013 .