Cowboy Hangover

For Oklahoma State fans, it has been quite a week, one that Cowboys will not soon forget. When we heard that allegations were going to be released, most fans held their breath. What possibly could the article be about. There were rumors that swirled; Sex, Drugs, Money, Academics, Cheating, among a lot of other parts. Being a fan, you see only the good in your program and you will defend it to any length. For me, an OSU fan, it has been a roller coaster ride all week long. Here is what I have noticed and where my emotions have been.  (Compared to riding the Texas Cyclone)


1. Waiting in Line - Slap some orange on this people in the pictures, and you can see the range of emotions OSU fans were going through. AD Mike Holder came out early and said the school was going to meet it head on. Even then, I was nervous. I was looking down the line, at the ride, and nervous. I had no idea what to expect. I have seen every OSU football game since I was a boy. I know so much history about the team. But this made me nervous. A solid publication was staking their claim on this story. And from where I stood, it seemed like they had some good sources. 

2. Buckling up - Last Tuesday, as I was driving to the office, stuck on the Mighty Beltway of Houston, a group text started with some of my friends. All it said was "This SI article makes me want to puke." I could not get to the office quick enough. I was strapped in, ready to start the ride, but no one else around me was in a hurry. Once I was able to sit down, and stare that first big hill in the face, I was nervous. I had never done this before. A respectable publication like SI had staked their name on the truth in these sources. As i started to read, I started getting the shakes and the sweats. If you have ever had those combined, it is a tough road. As I reached the top, and started to realize what I was reading, and that it may not be all that bad, I got a bit more comfortable. I wrote about the first day article. 

3. First Drop - When you dropped for the first time on the Cyclone, there were two things that went through your mind. Oh S*** and This is Awesome!! There were so many shaky parts of that first day, that I slowly started to calm down. I talked about it on Tuesday, but their first bang was 2 of OSU games. A small win over Montana State and a HUGE loss to Texas A&M. The names of players were not big players over the course of the 10 year period. The big name players were even coming out and saying they had no knowledge of this. Dez Bryant, one of the best receivers coming out of Stillwater, said if anyone was receiving money, it should have been him. Could they be lying, of course? Dez Bryant, Brandon Weeden, Russell Okung, Tatum Bell, Josh Fields, Jeremy Blatnik, Kendall Hunter, to name a few, could all be scared that they took money, cheated on tests, took advantage of girls and got away with it. My defense to that would be the fact that they came out themselves and SI never seemed to interview them.

4. The Ride - The Texas Cyclone messed with your mind. Twisting and turning and a brief second of calmness, and then it would whip you around. You are screaming excitement for a second, and then a half a second later cussing because you want to be done. After the first article, I stopped be nervous about the accusations. Do I think some of this stuff went on, sure.

  • Academics - Do I think guys cheated on tests, of course. I cheated on an Organic Chemistry test once and got away with it. In a third of my classes, the professors had the same questions on tests through out the year. You could find old tests and study those before the tests, it was no secret. I had a class with a number of athletes during my time there. One class, I had two football players in a study group, and I honestly thought I was going to have to do all of the work. They were calling me asking when we could meet. They wanted to present it. They wanted to make sure they knew what we were doing. 
  • Drugs - Do I think guys smoked POT (that is hard to say) on the team? Of course I do. Do I think guys were high before some games? I am sure there were a couple of times in the 10 years that happened. Do I think guys did coke at some point at their time there? Yes. Can I take you through a week at my frat house and I could point out those same things. Let me take you on a stroll through the dorms, and find the kids doing that. I thought there would be more evidence then what they had. George Dohrmann said that the Drug portion was his smoking gun. Really?? Smoking gun.  Kind of a weak gun, huh?
  • Sex - So guys had sex with girls huh? As I read that article, to quote Thayer Evans, "it was laughable." There are so many quotes in there that make you scratch your head. One recruit says that he was picked up at the airport, and was soon having sex with 2 girls. "Rock N rolling with the best of the best. I had the aces." He of course was not named to protect the 2 girls. One recruit was led into a room were a girl gave him oral sex. This girl was a student, but was not part of the hostesses program or had any affiliation with the team. The players mentioned in the article were quick to say everything they saw, but said they did not partake in any of it. 

5. The End - Every time I finish a ride, I always have the same felling, that was it. All the hype. All the nervousness. All the cussing. All the crap, and that was it. I am not dumbing down the allegations. Obviously OSU needs to revamp a lot of their programs. They need to crack down on Boosters, Recruits, Hostesses and much more. But at the start of this, you would have thought OSU was like the cancelled ESPN show 'Playmakers'. I envisioned boosters walking into the locker room with 'stacks of cash' and making it rain. Girls allowed into the locker room and just opening up shop for any guy that needed a release. Glass tables with cut up lines of coke and dollar bills rolled up for guys to ease some tension. Professors coming in and giving each player the answers while getting a lap dance from a hostesses. This is how SI painted it for fans. Instead, I was like, well crap, we screwed some things up, let's change them. 

Thayer and George, the authors, have always said that the reason they targeted OSU was their quick rise, from Big 12 bottom dwellers, to being right in the mix. Here are their records from 2002 till now: 8-5, 9-4, 7-5, 4-7, 7-6, 7-6, 9-4, 9-4, 11-2, 12-1, 8-5 and only two losing seasons in conference play. George said that they looked at them because they played in BCS bowls. It has only been 1 bowl in the time. Should we investigate Boise State as well. 

I want to leave you with this. Thayer Evans, the guy who helped break this story, is a wild card. I am not going to write what I want to write. I am not going to tell you that his hairdo looks like he gave a lawn blower mouth to mouth before spraying it with hairspray. I am not going to tell you that when he gets nervous, his cheeks become rosy. I am not going to tell you that he looks like Rosie O'Donnell and Shrek had a love child. I am not going to tell you that he lied about most of his reporting and just wants to get his name out there. That would be wrong, possibly slander. Instead, i will leave you with these gems and you come up with your own conclusions. Does he hate OSU and is he a Douche, vote below: 


Watch him float in the back:

If you can't see the above video, click here, it is LAUGHABLE.

He also says he doesn't hate OSU; does he? 

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