Planning Your Football Weekend: Week 4

College football is a third of the way through, you however are totally done. You pushed yourself too far last week. You stayed up late to watch Oregon State/Utah, then you got all worked up over Wisconsin and Arizona State. I understand. You want to take the weekend off to tackle the list of honey do's your wife has put together for you. I won't let you quit. I can't let you quit.

Week 3 started the fire, week four and the fire rises.

All times Texas. 


Clemson at N.C. State, ESPN, 6:30

Is this the week Dabo and Clemson fall to a lesser opponent? I don't know. How's that for insight? I have no idea. Maybe. Phil Rivers went to N.C. Sate. A Wolfpack win would make Rivers happy, happy, happy or whatever emotion he's demonstrating here.

Is he happy, shocked, angry, confused? Did he just get stabbed? 

Is he happy, shocked, angry, confused? Did he just get stabbed? 


Boise State at Fresno State, ESPN, 8

Fresno has an entire offensive scheme built around fat guy touchdowns. Last week they ran the Hook and Fatter. See what I did there. Let's see how tough Boise is when they don't have blue turf to clobber a guy with.

Houston vs. Rice at Reliant Stadium, FSN, 2

Look young viking, I know the slate of games isn't great. Heck, it's pretty bad, but at least we're not stuck watching pre-season hockey or post-season golf. Besides... 

IT'S THE BAYOU BUCKET Owls and Cougars, Bailiff and Levine, Public School and Private School. Someone is leaving with a bucket named after Houston's system of sewer like creeks. Enjoy that.

Tired of the smell? Switch over to... 

Thank you Devin Gardner. Thank you. 

Thank you Devin Gardner. Thank you. 

Michigan State at Notre Dame, NBC, 2:30

The Irish are back on NBC! This time against Michigan State, the one Michigan school that Notre Dame feels the need to play on a yearly basis. I can't emphasize enough how we should all be writing thank you notes to Michigan for destroying whatever hope the Irish had of an undefeated season. It's like when you have a niece that thinks she can sing real good and no one's told her the truth, that she sounds awful maybe shouldn't even speak. Telling her she's awful early on keeps her from humiliating herself at that sub-regional American Idol try-out. That's what Michigan's win did for us. It took away any thought that the Irish were Championship contenders. Like your niece they can now adjust their goals and hope to catch on at a Denny's working the graveyard shift. 

Once the echos have been awoken, turn it to... 

Hammer Fight.png

Arizona State at Stanford, Fox, 6

Which we're going to call our Hammer Fight of the Week!

Our weekly tribute to the greatest Hammer Fight movie of our lifetime, Streets of Fire. Rather slim pickings, but we've settled on this because otherwise we may never pick a PAC 12 game.

Why does it matter?  Because last week Arizona State stole a victory from a Midwestern state that loves cheese. We won't have that. Also Stanford is thinking they are somehow the best squad in the country. We can't have that, can we. Can we? I don't know. I'm leaning towards no.

We'll take Stanford both on the field and in SAT scores. The Bud is now 2-1 in Hammer Fights. Thanks Bamma! 

After the refs screw this one up turn to... 

Auburn at LSU, ESPN, 6:45

Time was kids when this was the biggest game in the SEC West. Then Saban went to Alabama, Tubberville went to Lubbock and crazy Les Miles, well he was still crazy. It don't all change. Here's a highlight from 2008, someone tell me Les knew what he was doing there.

After Miles fakes his third punt, get yourself over to... 

Kansas State at Texas, ABC, 7

The last time Texas beat Kansas State the Bush Administration was in full effect. Mack is on the hot seat and Bill Snyder is a full on witch. Perhaps a warlock. Ron Prince also won games during this string. RON EFFING PRINCE!

Who's coaching UT's defense this week? Tune it to find out.  

Both those previous videos make us thankful for HD. Speaking of thankful... 

Utah at Brigham Young, ESPN2, 9:15

HOLY WAR...HOLY S**T! The Utah Student Body is ready to rush the field, multiple times if necessary. Taysom Hill should be sufficiently rested after running free through the Texas defense.  

We leave you with refereeing excellence.