Round-Up Recap: Aggies Not as Close as the Score Would Indicate

1 Alabama (2-0) 49

6 Texas A&M (2-1) 42

PASS: McCarron (ALA): 20-29, 334, 4 TD Manziel (TAMU): 28-39, 464, 5 TD

RUSH: Yeldon (ALA): 25-149, TD Manziel (TAMU): 14-98

REC: White (ALA): 4-82, TD Evans (TAMU): 7-279, TD

When you can’t stop the run or the pass you’re going to have a tough time winning. For all Manziel’s magic, A&M’s defense didn’t have any tricks up its sleeve to slow down the Tide. The score shows a seven point game, but the better team won and it wasn’t that close.

Bama’s rebuilt offensive line look like last years road-paving unit as the Aggies could do nothing more than hope to delay the inevitable in Alabama’s scoring drives. When Bama wanted to throw they could do that too. Nick Saban’s defense, and this is going to sound stupid, played very well against Manziel and the Ags. The Bud is well aware that the Ags dropped a 42 biscuit on Alabama, but this was not ruthless efficiency vs. ruthless efficiency. This was ruthless efficiency vs. a transcendent/ desperate player. Bama went to school, shut down the primary offensive options and just said, “Go ahead and beat us Johnny.” Only a Bama fumble inside the 5 kept A&M around to attempt any heroics.

As fluky as it was Johnny almost did just that. Moving forward A&M needs to gird its loins, not so much against SMU, but against Arkansas and Ole Miss, both on the road.

Posted on September 15, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.