Throwback Thursday: 1950 SMU/TCU

Let's jump waaaaaay back in the way back machine to grand old 1950. We were a few years removed from beatin' the Germans in WWII. Every house had a toaster oven and a bottle of scotch. SMU and TCU played to end the season and not a mention of an iron skillet or Johnny Football. Simpler times my friend.  

What's this in my pocket...BULLETS! 

  • Kyle Rote was an All-American from San Antonio Jefferson. (Mustangs, just saying.)  
  • His 115 rushing yards and 146 passing yards with 3 touchdowns against Notre Dame in a 27-20 loss was voted by the Texas Sportswriters Association as "The Outstanding Individual Performance by a Texas Athlete in the First Half of the 20th Century." So there's that.
  • SMU went 6-4 in 1950, after starting 5-0, the Stangs were #1 in the country but then went 1-4 to finish.  TCU went 5-5 in 1950.
  • Prepare yourselves for this: there were 3, YES 3 schools who claimed a title in 1950: Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky (under Bear Bryant).
  • Yes Kentucky and Tennessee played each other, Tennessee won, but I guess some news organizations felt that in spite of the score Kentucky was better. My high school career would have been so much different with this analysis. "Hey Marble Falls beat us by 28, but I think we were off that night, lets just give us a win there." 
  • Cinderella was the top grossing movie of 1950. No not the 80's hair band. They were number one in our hearts after "Long Cold Winter."
  • Cinderella the movie made $141 million dollars in 1950. 
  • Back in 1950 you could have watched Cinderella for .37 cents. For a buck you could have watched Cinderella, had a steak, bought yourself a sharp suit and flown a B-1 Bomber and had enough left over for cab fare home. 
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