Gear Head: Virginia Tech is Threatening Us With This...


Ok Virginia Tech I give up. You win. You've killed my soul and I for one am happy it's dead so it never, EVER has to see this abomination. Seriously.

This the new Hokie Stone helmet. Read more about it here. Or don't. I would understand if you never want to read the internet again.  Frank Beamer says this is an early design they're working on in hopes they can wear a model in a game soon. I've never hoped for failure more than right now.

Taste the rainbow.  

Taste the rainbow.  

Dear Designer, there are young children who should never have to see this. Please stop. I beg you.  

The Hokies are already going all Skittle Camo for this weekend's game against Marshall. Virginia Tech is, surely, pandering to high school recruits with all the uniform variations. But come on, if you're trying to recruit high school kids and they actually like this helmet, then you need to recruit smarter high school kids.  

What I really fear is the jersey/pant combo that will accompany the Hokie Stone helmet.  

Nike may have such a vested interest in Oregon now that they are intentionally trying to sabotage other schools. Perhaps Virginia Tech is just a victim of Nike's sinister plan.  

Posted on September 19, 2013 and filed under Sports.