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Trent Richardson


1. By now, everyone has weighed in on the Richardson trade. Unfortunately he heard the same way you did! You have heard him speak out, the Colts, every reporter with a mic, but what about the fans? How about some passionate fans?

2.  Why it makes sense

3. Someone is happy to see him leave!



4. A big game tonight. The Chiefs are a contender, haven't heard that since Christian Okoye (yeah, I went there). They have had solid players for a while, but haven't been able to do anything with them. Is Andy Reid the reason?

5.  Or is it Alex Smith?

6. How does Andy feel about the homecoming?




7. The Texans are so close to where they need to be, but haven't really showed it this year. Houston fans, stop freaking out, Andre should be ready to go?

8. Even though Bernard Pollard tried everything he could to make that not happen. 

9. Remember Kenny Britt, that one receiver from that team that plays football, well he fell victim to the electric chair that is Twitter.

10. Kids will be kids right? We let Johnny off the hook, should we let these kids? Plus, it's just a crazy story.

11. Is this like when Mox walked in on Kilmer giving Lance that secret shot? 


Posted on September 19, 2013 and filed under Sports.