Breaking Down the Bad

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Ok so we are a little behind here on Breaking Down the Bad so this will be a 2 for 1 update.  Four episodes into the last season of breaking bad and 2 things stand out about this season:

  1. There are about half as many characters than the previous seasons, however, there is so much going on with them that you hardly notice.
  2. The pace of the story is breakneck fast.

And now to the breakdown:

  • Hank interrogates Jesse and tries to flip him (cop term).  He tells Jesse that if he turns on Walt then he will drop all of Jesse’s charges.  Hank put Jesse in the hospital a couple of seasons so he doesn't really trust him but just as it looks like Hank might have him Saul walks in and spoils it.  Saul gets off some good police brutality barbs before Hank leaves.

  • Walt and Skyler meet Hank and Marie out for the most awkward double date since my mom and dad took me and my first date ever to Pizza Hut.  Walt gives Hank a confession tape that basically Implements Hank as the drug kingpin.  This seems to terrify Hank and Marie.

  • Walt meets with Jesse and Saul out in the desert.  Jesse has had this fear that Walt was going to kill him and this would be the perfect place.  Walt convinces Jesse that he should leave town so that Hank can’t get to him.  

  • Jesse agrees to leave town and Saul sets up a new identity for him.  As Jesse waits for Saul’s friend to come pick him up and take him to his new life he realizes that Saul picked his pocket to take his pot (street term) from him.  He then pulls his pack of cigarettes out and just as he is about to light up he has an epiphany.  If Saul picked his pocket to take his weed (street term) then he is probably responsible for picking his pocket and taking the Ricin too.  On top of that he must have given the Ricin to Walt and Walt must have used it to poison (pa pa pa pa poison) Brock.

Side Note – a lot of people had a problem with this scene.  It seems like a lot of important information to convey without using words.  It is a huge turning point in the story and you have to go back to last season (actually 2 years ago) to remember the significance.  That being said, I totally got it and would have been a little disappointed if they had done it any other way.

  • Jesse freaks out and starts pouring gasoline all over Walt’s house as if he intends to set the roof on fire (we don’t need no water).  Just as Jesse is about to light the match Hank busts in and has the “there is a better way to do this” speech.  Jesse agrees to help Hank legally take Walt down.

  • Walt gets home to find an empty house that is soaked in gasoline.  There is some very dramatic music played while he searches the house but ultimately the search ends very anti-dramatically.  

  • Hank gives Jesse, the drug addict, some sleeping pills so that he will be well rested for the taped confession that he is going to provide for the police.  The taped confession isn't shown so we don’t know if Jesse has told the police that it was in fact him that gunned down Gale.  Hank decides that the confession isn't enough and he needs to get Walt on tape talking about the crimes.

  • Walt moves his family to a hotel since their house is soaked in gasoline.  While they are at the Hotel Skyler get pretty drunk and suggests to Walt that he should kill Jesse to keep him quiet.  This represents a pretty dramatic shift in Skyler’s character and its making me think that either she has been severely corrupted by Walt or she’s setting him up somehow.  Either way I am a big fan of her character now.

  • Walt and Walt Jr. have a father son moment …. Boring.

  • Hank convinces Jesse to wear a wire and meet with Walt to hash out their problems.  As Jesse approaches the meeting place Jesse freaks out and calls Walt from a nearby payphone (a payphone?).  Jesse tells Walt that he’s coming after him (or something like that).  

  • The episode ends with Walt calling Todd and crazy Uncle Jack for help in deal with Jesse.

I honestly don’t know if these last two episodes were good or mediocre but it really doesn't matter anymore.  Jesse called Walt “the Devil” and I have a feeling we are about to see the Devil at work.  Prepare for more dramatic music.

4 Episodes left and then I can get on with my life.

What did we miss?


Posted on September 2, 2013 .