KyCo Top 5 Shows of All-Time

This was tough for me, because I like TV. It took me a while to narrow down the list, but I am pretty confident with this list. I am also pretty confident I will either get made fun of or get slaughtered on at least two of them. But you know what, I DON'T CARE, this is my list, not yours. Hope you enjoy.

(Notice - this is in honor of Breaking Bad, one of the best shows ever written, that is why it is not on the list.) 


5. The King Of Queens

It was real tough to keep this on off the list. When looking at TV shows, one of the biggest factors for me is sustainability, to me. It is real tough to keep my attention, just ask my wife. 9 times out of 9 it is off in some far away land where I am treading across a plot of land delivering some form of jewelry to, let's say a volcano. This is one of those shows, that I have seen every episode at least three times, yet I continue to watch the reruns on TBS and TVLAND. I push through the terrible commercials for TVLAND's new shows, but it is worth it. I am not sure what it is about this show that makes it so endearing, but here are some thoughts. 

  • Arthur - The fact hat they never had kids was always weird to me, but you quickly realize that Arthur is their kid. He is like a little child that lives in the basement. He plays his role so great, and the interaction between him and Doug are priceless. A few of his gold moments are: 1. When he thinks the comic strip Peanuts is based on him. 2. He loses Carries name in a poker game. 3. Riding on the back of Dougs motorcycle. You know what, there are just too many to count. 
  • Doug and Carrie - Their lives are hilarious. I love the fact that most shows they have their own stuff going on, and at the end they collide together. Their relationship makes the shows. 
  • Doug's friends - Spence, Deacon, Danny, Richie, they are all awesome. When they are all together, it is hilarious how they all have their place on the show, and they play them so well. And the fact you can have the Incredible Hulk on your show and it is actually a good thing, genius. 

4. Arrested Development

This is the best written show of all time. The timing, humor, creativity far exceeds any other show that has ever been on, and no, I am not being dramatic. The show was above most people's mental capacity, which is why it didn't last. Most people, when watching a show, want to turn off and not have to think; which is why we have 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly, 2 and a half men, any show on TvLand. The characters are brilliant, every single one of them. I wrote about this show previously, here is what I really think about it.   (Just ignore the new season)


3. Luther

There are only two seasons on Netflix now and they are filming a third one now. This is a very dark show, but does not mess around. I will tell you what, those British sure do know how to make a show. They take their time, think through the entire lifespan of the show, and make a good one. (My example is the UK office vs the US office, which we kept way to long on life support of some reason) Luther is a mental disturbed detective who is haunted by a couple more mentally disturbed criminals. In each of the seasons, there is a main villain that Luther is trying to track down, and it is one of the few shows, that while I am watching, towards the end, I am moving the mouse to see how much longer and getting pissed when I see it is almost over. I have never been more caught off guard and surprised by the twists and turns then I have by this show. It is like watching a movie each time. They take their time with each show, and do not rush into anything. The bad guy in season 2, is the worst/best written character that has ever been on tv.

2. Dexter


This show is a tug-o-war that tears at my heart when I watch it. It follows Dexter, a blood spatter analyst for Miami PD and kind of a reclusive nerd who really only likes his sister. He keeps everything to himself, only letting Angel, a detective at the precinct, into his life as the closest thing to a friend he has. You realize pretty soon that there is something more to him than is shown, and that is he is a serial killer. But the show does something GENIUS, you end up rooting for him through the entire show. He shuffles through a list of guys who are basically terrible people. Guys who have slipped through the judicial system, often times because of botched work by Dexter, are set free and put back on the streets. You then get to see Dexter hunt this person down and ‘dispose’ of them. There are a couple of times in the series when he almost gets discovered, and I found myself hoping they don't find him.

They do something great about middle of the series that is genius, they marry him off. So he all the sudden has two kids, and one on the way and a wife to care about. The problem is, he is emotionally void, and incapable of loving anyone. You watch him fake that love for most of the show, until the Trinity Killer comes in, and does something to his family, that shocks everyone. I have not seen the newest season, but I know Deb, his sister, finds out what he really is. It is a roller coaster of a show and I have never been more nervous while watching a show, then I have while watching Dexter.

1. The Walking Dead


I wrote an article about this show. Instead of rambling and repeating, CLICK HERE!! 

Below is one of the best scenes from the show.  




Runners up:

Rescue Me - one of the raunchiest shows on tv, but such a good story

Parenthood - I cry once an episode, and that deserves something

The Simpsons - The fact that this show is still on merits it to be on this list

Band of Brothers - not sure it is a TV show, but the best thing ever on the television

Hunter - I had to use an obscure old show to compete with Gardale's Hill Street Blues

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