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An Afternoon or 9 With Thuy

Thuy is my hairdresser in town. I am using the term hairdresser, VERY lightly. I am holding on to a few strands on the top of my head for dear life, but the infamous old man hair on the side of my head is starting early in my life. So for $5 I go to Thuy (but she asked me to call her Kim) and she uses the two guard and just has fun with my hair. Now she doesn't ask, she just attaches the 2 guard and starts trimming.

It is always an adventure going to see her. The first time I went in there, she asked what I did. I told her I worked for Young Life, and started to explain to her what that was. (I forgot to mention this, Kim does not speak very good English, and I am pretty sure she understand even less than she speaks) So after my explanation, she say, "You teacher at high school." I thought to myself, Kyle, you could go into more detail and try to explain it, or you could let her know that she is correct. I chose the latter. So she thinks I am a teacher hat goes in at 2 pm to get my haircut, and that is enough for me.

I have realized that I have become her sort of cabana boy/Mr. Fix-it when I come into the store.(which is a better job than Christina's Boob Wrangler on The Voice) Here is a list of things I have done while visiting.

First visit - held the dust pan for her so she could finish sweeping the floor right before my first haircut. She told me she had back problems and hated bending over. I quickly got the hint.

Third visit - Had to help get her password for her email, because, and I quote "My lousy huband don't let me have account on own."

Fourth visit - She was having trouble with her heater, it kept tripping the breaker when it would go on, and the breaker box was behind this gigantic fridge. So I had to move the fridge so I could get to the box. Come to find out she had too many thing plugged into the same breaker, so we had to move the fridge to another side of the room.

Fifth visit - I was just married and we talked about that. Well she talked and I nodded. Then her landlord came in, who was a white guy, and Kim asked me to translate for her. I don't speak Korean, but I winged it. We got the Heater issue fixed, but this was January, so I think it just hasn't been turned on.

Sixth visit - She is next to a church in this strip mall. And she tells me that they keep moving these cones over and blocking her parking spaces. (I have never seen another person in this salon.) She asked if I could move the cones back so she could have her spaces back.

It is a joy every time I walk in there. Here's to next month and the labor I will be doing.


Posted on September 25, 2013 .