Throwback Thursday: 1981 SWT Bobcats

Fair warning this may be the most 80's video of all 80's videos. If only Devo were playing we might have so much 80's we might need to go all 90's and take ourselves too seriously to counteract the effects. The hair styles alone make this video a national treasure. SWT won back to back Division II championships in '81 and '82. Suck it North Dakota State.

The government ain't taking my BULLETS! 

  • Jim Wacker is in all his golden glory in this video. He would parlay his Texas State success into a job at TCU. No TCU wouldn't repeat Texas State's success.  
  • Wacker won 2 NAIA titles at Texas Lutheran in the mid-70's. Winner, winner chicken dinner.
  • Current Rice coach David Bailiff played for Wacker in '79 and '80. He also sported a pretty sweet mustache which was required to gain admittance into a four-year college in 1979.
  • 1981 was the year of the Tigers as Clemson won the National Title under coach Danny Ford.  
  • Marcus Allen won the Heisman in '81. Marcus' brother Damon played 23 years in the CFL. 23 YEARS! That's like playing two full NFL seasons.  
  • Full disclosure, the Edmonton Eskimos won the Gray Cup in 1981.
  • By the by, if we're really worried about political correctness with the Washington Redskins nickname should we also get rid of the Eskimos. For that matter aren't the Greeks a little fed up with Toronto's use of Argonaut. I for one won't rest until we stop disrespecting those Greek sailors by renaming the franchise the Timber Rattlers or some such.  
  • 1981 was also the year Raiders of the Lost Ark released. This movie inspired my first forward roll and my desire to carry a bull whip as a weapon.