Derekphi's Top 5 Shows of All Time

TV is the best.  When I was a kid most houses had 6 channels that they could get over their antennas (rabbit ears).  I'm not counting the channels where they slay people in the spirit.  Today I have something called the U-450 package through my AT&T uverse package.  I have 10 times more channels that I don't watch than I do.  I love it.  When Gardale and Kyle said to me "hey fatty, we already put together our list of our top 5 TV shows of all time and all you've done is sit there and get fatter," I realized they were right.  I also realized that it's really weird when they say the same thing at the same time.   

On with my list:

5. Law and Order - My version of a guilty pleasure. I've never seen a "new" episode as it aired but if it is on I will watch and love it.  I don't care if it is Law and Order, Law and Order SVU or Law and Order featuring Ice Tea, I will watch it.  Sam Waters is my favorite actor from the series but really all of the characters are pretty much the same.  I like to try to figure out what real life story they are using when I watch the episode.  

Even the Brits recognize it's greatness (What the hell is a crown defender?) 

4. The Wire - hard to say why this is the greatest hour long drama of all time but it simply is. All who have witnessed agree.  It really is nothing like anything else that I have seen on TV because there are no happy endings and no clear good guys.  The creator, David Simon, is a former newspaper writer that realizes the value of letting the story be the star.

Lester Freeman is good police (Strong Language) 


3. The Cosby Show- This is the first show that I remember getting excited to watch new episodes.  Every week my family would order pizza and watch the new episode.  Today I am fat.  I loved the Cosby show so much that I used to get in fights with other kids that said that The Simpsons was the better show.  Yes I was that kid.

2. Arrested Development/30 Rock - I realize this is cheating a little but I loved both of these shows for basically the same reason.  Extremely strategic comedy writing. Both shows crammed in as many jokes as possible in their 30 minute time slots.  Both had flawed primary characters and a far above average supporting cast (Will Arnett appeared in both shows).  I don't know that I'll show it to my children someday and say "this changed my life" but I sure did laugh a lot at both of them.

1. Seinfeld - best all around 30 minute sitcom of all time.  The series final episode was in 1998, the same year I graduated from high school so I feel like I was raised on its brilliance.  It was the first show that said we aren't going to have a lesson learned or characters developed.  We are just going to make you laugh.  15 years later the comedy holds up.

Larry King looks dumb.

Just missed the list: 

M*A*S*H - I'm not sure how this didn't make it but it's probably that I was too young to recognize the overall significance. 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - It's possible this show is underrated.  Maybe the funniest show on TV right now.

Stella: 6 Episodes. 1 Season on Comedy Central.  Everyone that I made watch this show hated it (except Killer) but it pretty much encompasses everything that I think is funny. 

King of Queens - Just kidding this isn't on my list. 

Curb your Enthusiasm - This show makes me sad that Larry David didn't play Costanza on Seinfeld. 


Posted on September 26, 2013 .