Round-Up Recap: U of H Goes to 4-0. BCS Title Immenent

Houston (4-0) 59

UTSA (2-3) 28

PASS: O'Korn (HOU): 24-36, 312, 4 TD Soza (UTSA): 29-40, 316, 2 TD

RUSH: Jackson (HOU): 18-68 Williams (UTSA): 2-29

REC: Greenberry (HOU): 9-149, TD Freeman (UTSA): 5-50

We’ve been hard on Tony Levine here; we will raise our hand and apologize to the headman at Houston. We didn’t understand why more than half your recruiting class came from out of state or why you burned through an offensive coordinator in one game, or why you wore a jacket in August, in Houston but now we get it. You’re a genius.

David O’Korn looks like the real deal thus far and they even have a nice change of pace guy with Greg Ward. As for UTSA, this may be their lot this season. They can hang around but especially against pace teams, they’re going to struggle to stick around. This one was close until the Cougs blocked a field goal attempt and returned it for a touchdown in the third. After that Katy couldn’t bar the door.

Houston gets Memphis at home; chalk up 5-0, while UTSA travels to Marshall for what may be another long day.

Posted on September 29, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.