Baylor Wipes Wofford From the Earth

Wofford Terriers 3

Baylor Bears 69

PASS: Jacks (WOFF): 3-6, 30 Petty (BAY): 19-24, 312, 2 TD

RUSH: Johnson (WOFF): 18-77 Seastrunk (BAY): 11-111, 2 TD

REC: Irwin (WOFF): 2-15 Reese (BAY): 5-97, TD

Poor one out for Wofford today because Baylor has done kilt 'em. Not much to say other than Wofford did not join the likes of Towsen, Eastern Washington, and North Dakota State by beating an FBS squad. No Wofford joined the likes of Southern, Northern Arizona, and Indiana State by getting the crap kicked out of them.

Bryce Petty looked like a quarterback playing his first game...against an FCS school and threw for 312 yards. Lache Seastrunk averaged a first down a rushing attempt.

Baylor leaves Wofford in ruins and heads onward against Buffalo, continuing what the Bud describes as the Godzilla vs. Tokyo schedule.

Posted on September 3, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.