Land Rush

The Big 12 is changing, quickly. At the beginning of the season, everyone thought OU was declining and OSU would be easily winning the Big 12. We also thought Texas would actually have a team. This weekend revealed a whole lot. 


OU - 35 vs ND - 21

The smartest thing OU could have done was start Blake Bell over Trevor Knight, for once, the media was right. The first few games, OU looked lost. Knight could not complete a pass and looked lost. Once Bell came in, the Sooners started to come together, and Saturday night, they moved even closer to taking over the Sooners. Bell threw 22 for 30 for 232 yards and 2 TD and 0 INT, and took control of the team.  Bell had 6 receivers in double digits and 5 running backs rush for double digit yards. They looked good while doing. Take a moment and think about what the Sooners did. They went to South Bend and beat the Irish. They may now be the favorites in the Big 12. 

The Sooners defense helped them out, as did Tommy Rees, throwing 2 interceptions within 16 seconds, one a pick 6. Rees was rattled the entire game and couldn't figure out the defense. Do the Irish need to go in a different direction? Switching QBs mid season is not a good thing, but this time, I think it is the best move. 

There is a good chance OU may not lose another game. Baylor, Tech and maybe OSU are there only competitions, and OSU is probably not. 

Next week the Sooner will face TCU and should have no problem winning that game. 

OSU - 21 vs West Virginia - 30

Here's the deal, and I am not saying I was right. I drank the punch and thought OSU may be the real deal. They may win the BIg 12, heck, play for a National Championship. But I this game shows they are not that good. I am not abandoning the team, but they showed a lot of flaws. They are not a great team. They are a good team, not a great team. They are shaky at QB, their running game is not established, their defense, like always, needs a lot of work. Mike Yurcich, their OC, needs to let the foot off the brake and play hard. 

From the kick off, the Cowboys were never in it. Clint Trickett and the Mountaineers had control for almost the entire game. Trickett kept getting the crapped knocked out of him, and kept getting back up, when he probably shouldn't have. He picked apart the OSU defense like they were back on their heels the entire games. Jeremy Smith averaged 2.7 inches for the game. Josh Stewart was the only offense they had all game.  

It could be a long year for the Cowboys. 

They play Kansas State next week at home, and should win that game 31- 14


Iowa State - 38 vs Tulsa - 21 

I missed on Tulsa. Big time. I actually thought this could be a win for them. I don't have a lot to say. They are not good. Cody Green is not a good QB, their defense has holes all in it, and Trey Watts is about the only thing they have going for them. 

Next week they play Rice and they are in trouble. The Owls hang in there and should win in a close one. 

Posted on September 30, 2013 .