Planning Your College Football Weekend Week 2

Have you recovered from the first weekend of college football? Of course you haven't. I can smell the wing sauce from here. Plus, after sticking through the Washington/Boise game and watching Ohio/Louisville, you've probably lost your job and are at best separated from your wife. Well buck up there young viking, week two is amongst us! 

All times are Texas time. Adjust your watches.  



Watch the NFL game, because there ain't nothing to watch here. Wings-n-More used to have .50 cent drafts on Thursday nights. Do they still? I don't know. Someone find out and get back to us.  


I'd tell you to watch Wake Forest and BC but you'd just resent me for it. Instead take in some high school action, or better yet, call your wife and tell her your working through your issues. Either way, sleep up because on Saturday IT IS ON! 


Florida at Miami (Fla.), ESPN, 11 a.m.

Al Golden is a class act. You know how I know? The man wears a tie. Will Muschamp is insane. You know how I know? Here's how...


After Muschamp freaks you the hell out switch over to... 

Oregon at Virginia, ABC, 2:30

What will Oregon wear? How out of control will this one get? The answers are plaid and very.  

Once Nikegon (see what I did there) demolishes UVA, get the remote and head on over to...

South Carolina at Georgia, ESPN, 3:30

That's right, two weeks in a row Georgia plays in our... 

Hammer Fight.png

Our weekly homage to the epic Streets of Fire again features the Bulldawgs and this week they get all Clowneyed!  

 Ellen Aim and Tom Cody, ready for a HAMMER FIGHT! 

Ellen Aim and Tom Cody, ready for a HAMMER FIGHT! 

Why does it matter? Simple, Georgia gots to have it bro. Clemson beats 'em last week and now if they lose to South Carolina they may have to, perish the thought, play in a non-New Years Day bowl game and Mark Richt will once again win 9 games and be on the hot seat. Plus the Ol' Ball Coach brings his goon squad and his 9 iron into Athens where he typically burns the town down and lights a cigarette on the embers. Hey Aaron Murray, win a big game bro. We're all waiting. The Bud is 1-0 in Hammer Fights (not actual Hammer fights, just predicting the games) this week we're taking South Carolina for the win.

After another Georgia player goes down in a touchdown celebration switch her on over to... 

Texas at Brigham Young, ESPN2, 6

 Going HARD! 

Going HARD! 

The Stormin Mormons are crafty. BYU has always been theologically independent, now they've got a football team to match. The Horns leave the friendly confines to take on the Cougs in Provo. Major Applewhite is going to call plays until he's red in the face. Approximately 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Strange things happen in Lavell Edwards Stadium...strange things.

Need some caffeine? Head over to...

Notre Dame at Michigan, ESPN, 7

Is this a rivalry? Bryan Kelly and Notre Dame say no, Michigan and Mark May say yes. We need Darren Rovelle to break the tie. 

After you've had all you can handle of Tommy Rees take a gander at... 

Washington State at Southern California, Fox Sports 1, 9:30

Resumes for Dummies by Joyce Lain Kennedy.jpg

The Pirate Mike Leach himself heads to Southern Cal to witness first hand the 2nd game of Lane Kiffin's last season at USC. People should start bringing gifts to Lane's farewell tour. Here's a gift idea the Bud saw on Pinterest coach Leach: 

Lane, put it to good use.  

This one's on FS1 which means at halftime Gary Payton and Mike Tyson will attempt to juggle chainsaws with a Wallenda brother.

Enjoy it folks, it'll be over before you know.  

We leave you with Carl Pelini: strategic genius.