Throwback Thursday: 1977 Texas A&M vs. Michigan

A top ten tilt in Ann Arbor and Keith Jackson on the call? Yes please. A&M came in ranked number 5 in the country, Michigan number 3. By the end of the day A&M would give up 41 straight points. That's just not cool Michigan. Check out those incredible A&M uni's. Kids there was time when sleeves actually covered the elbow. It was magical.  

Hold on while I GRAB SOME BULLETS! 

  • Michigan was coached by the legendary Bo Schembechler who coached the Wolverines from 1969 to 1989.  
  • Schembechler was offered the A&M job in 1983 for a whopping (at the time) $3 Million Bucks. He turned it down and Jackie Sherrill came in from Pitt. A&M's payroll skyrocketed.  
  • Want some homework? Yeah me neither. But if you did, you might read up on the "Ten Year War" between Michigan and Ohio State. Or don't. I'm really not invested.  
  • George Woodard was the A&M fullback who outweighed the sum total of the A&M offensive line.  
  • A&M ran the option. So did Michigan. So did every team in college football until 1987. It was an Executive Order from JFK or some such.  
  • Notre Dame won the title in '77 knocking off then #1 Texas in the Cotton Bowl to do it. They've been insufferable ever since.  
  • Notre Dame was led by Joe Montana and ran the wishbone. Joe F-ing Montana ran the wishbone! Bill Walsh IS a genius.  
  • Star Wars was tops at the box office in '77. A boy, a girl, a universe.
  • Years later George Lucas would make it his life's mission to destroy this movie with sequels and remasters. Total D-move George.  
  • Here's the original trailer which was mind blowing in '77 and still pretty freaking awesome in 2013.