Round-Up Recap: Aggies Beat Arch Rival Bearkats Now For the Biggest Game in the History of Mankind

Sam Houston St (1-1) 28

7 Texas A&M (2-0) 65

PASS: Bell (SHST): 6-15, 137, 2 TD Manziel (TAMU): 29-42, 423, 3 TD

RUSH: Flanders (SHST): 19-170, 2 TD Malena (TAMU): 9-68, TD

REC: Williams (SHST): 3-86, TD Evans (TAMU): 7-154

Johnny Football will have his day against 'Bama next week after a tune-up against Sam Houston State. A&M better hope that their defense suddenly learns to, you know, play defense and stuff before next week. Sam Houston ran off a number of big plays against the Ags, but when you allow 65 points, there are never enough of those big plays.

Manziel had a huge night, but what else is new. Did he taunt anyone? Did he fake sign anything? Did he burn a nunnery down? That's what will matter to most folks. 423 passing yards is a yawner unless Manziel causes some static.

So now we all get what we want, A&M and Bama for many of the marbles. Surely there won't be any shock journalism from the big four letter to promote this one? Surely.

Posted on September 8, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.