Round-Up Recap: Manny Being Manny. UT Falls to BYU

15 Texas (1-1) 21

BYU (1-1) 40

PASS: Ash (TEX): 19-34, 251, 2 TD Hill (BYU): 9-26, 129

RUSH: Gray (TEX): 13-90 Hill (BYU): 17-259, 3 TD

REC: Davis (TEX): 8-114, 2 TD Hoffman (BYU): 2-63

Surebud picked UT to win the Big 12. Or at least the Round-Up did. Those jokers from Land Rush picked those cheaters from Oklahoma. Sorry, I'll be more specific - the cheaters from Stillwater, not the ones in Norman. Well Texas laid a big old dud on our prediction with a thrashing at the hands of BYU. BYU, the home of Ty Detmer, Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Marc Wilson, Robbie Bosco and Gifford Nielson didn't even have the decency to throw the ball. They did it by running their quarterback up the middle, a lot. Texas defense, which the Bud praised in our preview a few weeks ago, was Charmin soft against the run.

Worse for the Horns, they weren't physical running either and QB David Ash suffered a head injury late. Looks like Case McCoy may be the guy against Ole Miss next week. The Horns will need to stop the run or this could get real bad. Then again, this could be a classic Mack Brown rebound game. TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

Posted on September 8, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.