Round-Up Recap: SMU Squeezes by Montana State

Montana State (1-1) 30

SMU (1-1) 31

PASS: McGhee (MTST): 17-27, 218, TD Gilbert (SMU): 35-48, 317, TD

RUSH: Kirk (MTST): 29-107, 2 TD Nlemchi (SMU): 8-54, TD

REC: Bleskin (MTST): 5-73 Joseph (SMU): 12-113, TD

SMU survived a trap game against top 3 FCS ranked Montana State. The Bud secretly thought SMU would lose this one, but now that they've won, we've never been more behind the 'Stangs! Garrett Gilbert brought Mustangs back after trailing 22-5 at one point. SMU played dink and dunk offensively, which at this point may not be a choice but more a necessity. Still Gilbert negotiated an 81 yard drive in the final 4 minutes for the win.

Just over 10,000 showed up at Ford Stadium for this one. Come on now SMU fans, it can't be that bad, can it? Take a week off SMU fans and think about what you've done. The Mustangs go to A&M after the off week.

Posted on September 8, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.